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The Greek Myths Reimagined

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Mythos contains many fascinating tales of Greek mythology, the Gods, and their interactions with the people of Ancient Greece, told by the amazing Stephen Fry.
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Mythos Details

Mythos is split into four key parts: The Beginning, Part One; The Beginning, Part Two; The Toys of Zeus, Part One; The Toys of Zeus, Part Two. "The Beginning" tells the fascinating stories of how the Gods came to be. "The Toys of Zeus" tells the tales of how the many Gods interacted with important figures of Ancient Greece. Each story is described in a colorful way and highlights the affairs of the people and the Gods. Mythos truly reveals the charm, witty words, and distinct voice of Stephen Fry. This book contains many amazing works of art from the time of Ancient Greece.

Included are stories like:

  • The Second Order
  • Erinyes, Gigantes, and Meliae
  • Spirits of Air, Earth, and Water
  • Apollo Reads the Signs
  • Prometheus
  • Persophone and the Chariot
  • Daybreak
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Arion and the Dolphin

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