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Egyptian Book of the Dead

The Book of Going Forth by Day

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The Egyptian Book of the Dead has actual drawings from Egyptian walls in full color, along with English translations to help you understand the stories.
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Egyptian Book of the Dead Details

Pick up a copy of this beautiful large paged Egyptian book. It's loaded with full color images of the actual recorded plates from ancient Egyptian pyramids and various other ruins. Along with each of the Plates are detailed translations from five of the best Egyptian historians. Each historian takes into great detail to explain what is happening in every part of the plates. From the beautiful drawings, to the language itself. The plates describe life as an person from the ancient community, peculiar rituals, and powerful stories of the Gods.

You will find chapters like:

  • Foreword to the 1998 Edition by James Wasserman
  • The Papyrus of Ani (Plates 1-37)
  • A Commentary by Dr. Ogden Goelet

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