Invoking the Egyptian Gods

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Modern religions leaving you spiritually unfulfilled? Invoking the Egyptian Gods with this guide can awaken you to your true power, strength, and divinity.
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There is more to Egyptian mythology than what you learned in school as a child; if you feel spiritually unfulfilled by contemporary belief systems, you may want to try seeking a deeper wisdom with the gods of Egypt. Invoking the Egyptian Gods is a valuable resource that teaches you how to invoke ancient deities to help spark positive change in your life, from love and protection, to unleashing the creativity you may not even know exists within you.

Fair warning: this is not the sterilized, beautified type of Egyptian magic that you may find in similar books. The darkness of the gods of Egypt is openly addressed in this book because that is where true gnosis and healing can be found. More than simply learning ancient Egyptian symbols and goddess names, the knowledge in this book will allow you to receive messages from the Neteru, create a doorway into other dimensions, and initiate a transformation of your soul that will awaken your own inner-strength, power, and divinity.

Judith Page studies astronomy as well as the Egyptian pantheon, and written several books on the subject of Egyptian mythology and gods. High Priest Ken Biles is a writer who has been a practitioner of witchcraft for nearly twenty-five years. Biles is also an instructor who teaches witchcraft in both online courses and in person. Together, Page and Biles have crafted a comprehensive and easy to understand manual of invocational rites. If you're looking for a practical way to bring spiritual enlightenment and personal harmony within your grasp, look no further; this book is for you.

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