The Complete I Ching

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The I Ching is currently one of the oldest surviving books, having been written around 1000 BC.
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Originally the official text was literally set in stone, as one of the Xiping Stone Classics. This 10th edition of The I Ching, one of the best selling editions, was translated by Taoist master Alfred Huang.

This 10th anniversary edition offers a thorough introduction to the history of The I ching, how to use it, and several new divination methods. The divination methods are based on eight symbolic trigrams and sixty-four hexagrams, interpreted in terms of the principles of yin and yang. This was also included in one of the five classics of Confucianism.

Alfred Huang has made this translation of The I Ching particularly accessible to everyone. Reading this book will help you learn how to consult the ching and how to better understand hexagrams and lines as they relate to consulting the I Ching.

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