Norse Magic

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Norse Magic is a magic system for the "doers" of the world, life's participants, those who believe in taking an active part in shaping their own future.
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Magic has been expelled from the modern world so thoroughly that very few people understand its usefulness anymore.

The step-by-step guided spells and rituals in this book will can be adapted into more advanced forms. Learn how to: see into the future, attain wealth, gain love and protection, banish negative entities, and promote physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Scandinavia was the last region in Europe to be converted to Christianity and scholars of any faith would benefit from understanding the similarities between Norse mythology and Christianity as it existed in northern Europe during the late Middle Ages. Beginners will also enjoy stories of Valkyrie, Odin, and Valhalla.

Written by D.J. Conway and published by Llewellyn Publications, the leading publisher of magic knowledge in the modern world.

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