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Chakras are the inner focal points that define who you are. Use this book to discover your master chakra and gain insight into greater harmony in your life.
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This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to get in touch with their master chakra and create a dominant vibration within and without themselves. For those looking toward chakra meditation for insights into the inner-self, look no further; Discover Your Master Chakra is the book for you. Take the simple quiz included in the book to find your dominant chakra, the different chakra colors, and how they define your personality, how you interact with others, and the influence it has on your life as a whole.

This book serves as a practical instruction manual that will teach you about the seven soul-ray colors, and how each of the chakra colors influences different aspects of your spirituality, personality, and the relationships you build with friends, family members, and your community. Naturally, we are all more than simply what our master chakra dictates; this book will show you your adjacent complementary chakras and how to utilize the practice of chakra meditation to bring out the positives within you.

Stephanie Larsen is a teacher of the seven spiritual gifts and has been instructing eager learners about the master chakras and how to connect with the divine for eight years. She has experience as a spiritual advisor to help others in their search to become their best selves. Discover Your Master Chakra is a valuable addition to any metaphysical library, no matter the size. Get your copy today and be one step closer to utilize your master chakra and change your reality.

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