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Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

Expanded & Revised Edition

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This Encyclopedia is the ultimate guide to the use of herbs in talismans, rituals, magic, spells and personal religious or spiritual practice.
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Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs Details

This vast collection of information is compiled by famous Wiccan scholar Scott Cunningham, and includes illustrations, classifying information, and the detailed magical uses for over 400 herbs.

The alphabetic classifications of the herbs also includes a quick reference guide to help you determine what the common, current name for plants in the folk name glossary. Additionally it will provide you with all of the magical uses that will be helpful in your everyday life. Do you need help with luck and love? Then use the power in a violet. Help with healing? Tap into the power of garlic!

Cunningham's encyclopedia of Magical Herbs includes easily accessible ingredients that are often already present in and around your home and local grocery store. Magical ingredients include onions, basil, apple, and rice. Use the magic of herbalism to harness the power in plants and earth and effect positive outcomes in your future.

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