Book of Shadows

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This book allows you to chronicle your spiritual journey on high quality, blank pages bound with a black cover with a silver pentagram of light.
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Book of Shadows Details

This book is completely blank, as it is intended for recording your spells and rituals.

Record sacred texts, instructions for rituals, drawings and diagrams, spells, and anything else you want and keep this book by your side for regular use.

This cornerstone of a religious practice was supposedly the work of Gerald Gardner, who was largely credited for breathing new life into the ancient religion of Wicca and adapting it in a Neo-Pagan context. It was common practice for every coven to keep and maintain one Book of Shadows for all associated witches.

In current times, individual practitioners keep their own books. These better reflect the personal nature of one's journey. Sometimes referred to as "The Tree", "The Book of Ways,", "The Book of Mirrors", or even just as "The Book", the Book of Shadows is maintained throughout one's life and upon his or her death, destroyed to symbolize its connection to its author.

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