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Charm Necklace

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We have a wide selection of Charm Necklaces for every religion and non religion, available in gold or silver color.
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Many ministers will wear their necklace over their garment while performing ceremonies or just to give their clients an indication that they are representing a faith. Our beautiful and high quality necklaces are not only perfect for your ministerial grab, but can be worn daily, as they already are by many of our ministers. Collect all 13 pendants for every occasion and symbolic respect of other cultures and religious societies.

The available pendant designs are:

  • Christian Cross
  • Buddhist Wheel
  • Tao Yin Yang
  • Hindu Om
  • Baha'i 9-Pointed Star
  • Confucianism
  • Atheist
  • Jewish Star of David
  • Islamic Star and Crescent Moon
  • Wiccan Pentical of Light
  • Humanism Happy Human
  • Sihk Khanda
  • Shinto Torii

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