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Color Medicine

The Secrets of Color and Vibrational Healing

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Color Medicine: The Secrets of Color/Vibrational Healing provides information on previously unknown techniques and breakthroughs in using colors.
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Color Medicine Details

Written by Charles Klotsche, Color Medicine is a guide and a textbook of holistic medicine.

This text teaches the use of chromotherapy to boost the immune system treat any health imbalances by incorporating the scientific use of color into the treatment of the physical body. Color, sound, vibrations and light are all utilized in this guide to funnel special energy to areas that may need attention or special healing treatments.

This is a necessity for any person with an interest in healing the natural way. Chapters include: Electromagnetic forces and their effects on the body Recognizing a person's pure aura, and deciphering the color's meaning Using sound to heal and balance the body's energy Color's effect on the psyche and the body 100s of natural treatments for common maladies

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