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Baptism is perhaps the most sacred ceremony in all of Christianity, and in a handful of other world religions. The immersion or application of water during the baptism ceremony symbolizes a rebirth into the Kingdom of Christ, and for many marks the beginning of a lifelong religious journey. Baptisms are typically performed by priests or ministers, which is probably why you are here! By utilizing the search tools on this page, you will be able to find an ordained minister to perform a baptism near you. These legally ordained ministers are fully prepared and excited to help you or your loved ones participate in this special tradition by presiding over the sacred baptismal ceremony. To begin, enter and select your search parameters in the fields below – this will allow you to filter the display of ministers based on their location, their billing rates, and their beliefs so you can confirm that you and your minister have aligning religious thoughts.


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Are you already an ordained minister who hopes to perform baptism, and would like to be included in the Find a Minister tool? You can hit the button at the top of this page to create your public minister profile. Once you activate that account, visitors will be able to contact you to inquire about having you perform a baptism or any other religious service you indicated you have an interest in performing. If you are not yet an ordained minister but feel called to become ordained and perform ceremonies like baptisms, you can submit your application for ordination on this site as well, and then proceed to create your public profile by following the instructions above.