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Are you planning on getting married? Perhaps you are a minister hoping to perform a wedding? Or are you hoping to participate in some other type of ceremony entirely? Regardless, you are probably in the right place! By utilizing the map and search fields below, you can easily find and filter thousands of legally ordained ministers in your area. Whether you need a minister in California, Florida, or anywhere in-between (and even beyond!) we’ve got you covered.

These online-ordained ministers can assist you by acting as a wedding ceremony officiant, or aiding you with any other ministerial need you may have. Selecting your state will filter the listed ministers down to those who are registered within your area. After that, you can further whittle your list down to those ministers who are located even closer to you, who hold beliefs similar to yours, and who perform the specific type of service that you require.

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Have you already become ordained online yourself, and are hoping to list yourself on the Find a Minister tool? Great! Just hit the "Create Your Minister Profile" button below. If you aren't ordained yet, you can go ahead and hit that button to submit your free online ordination application, or to sign in to your account if you were ordained in the past.

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