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Are you in need of an ordained minister? Whether you need a minister to perform a wedding, lead a baptism, conduct a house blessing, or any other service, you are in the right place! Utilizing this innovative online tool, you can locate a minister who has been legally ordained online to solemnize over the service of your choosing. Since humans began forming tribes on this planet, we’ve marked the milestones in our lives and years through ceremonies, and our ministers are excited to carry and adapt these traditions into the 21st century and beyond.

To get started, just select the service you need performed below. After making your service selection, you will be able to further filter the selection of ministers down to generate a list of ULC ministers willing and able to perform that ceremony in your area and/or who align with your specific beliefs. Once you find an independent minister who you think would be a good fit, you'll be able to send them a message and get the process started.

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This search tool, based on your inputs, will provide you with a uniquely tailored list of ULC-ordained ministers to perform any type of religious service you can imagine. If you yourself are a minister of the ULC, are logged into your account, and would like to create your own personal listing so that other people on the internet can locate you and your services, please tap the button below or at the top of this page to create your own profile.

If you either aren't logged in or have not yet been ordained but feel called to take that big step, you can hit the button to sign in to your existing account or complete your ordination application, at which time you too can return to this page to create your own public profile on the Find a Minister tool.

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