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Once upon a time, a little girl from Kansas told us all that there was no place like home. She may have been on to something! Beyond providing shelter, our homes are our sanctuaries and in many ways extensions of our own selves. As important as it is to physically care for these sacred spaces, it's also important to care for them within the spiritual plane. By utilizing the search tools on this page, you will be able to find a minister to perform a House Blessing near you. These legally ordained ministers are fully prepared and excited to help you cleanse and bless your home – whether you are moving into a new abode or just want to direct some good energy in the direction of your longtime residence. To get started, you can begin entering and selecting search parameters in the fields below – this will allow you to filter the grid of local ministers based on their location, what they might charge per blessing, and even by their beliefs, so you can ensure that you and your minister hold common faith. We hope you find a great match!


You have not yet become ordained. Once you are ordained, you will be legally recognized as a minister nearly everywhere, and you'll be able to perform any ceremony that requires a minister or priest including weddings, funerals, or baptisms. The process is free and only takes a few minutes.

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Are you already an ordained minister who plans to provide house blessings, and would like to be included in the Find a Minister tool? You can hit the button at the top of this page to create your public profile. Once you activate that account, folks will be able to contact you for your house blessing services. If you are not yet an ordained minister but feel called to become ordained and bless homes, you can submit your ordination application on this site as well, and then proceed to create your public profile per the instructions provided above.