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Your beliefs are what make you... you. That's why it's so important that when you are celebrating or marking the important milestones in your life, that you do so in partnership with a minister who understands and shares in your unique beliefs. For centuries, far too many people didn't have this option; what you had was what you got. We've changed that. Using this powerful free tool, you now have the ability the find a minister in your area who shares your values and will be able to perform whichever service or ceremony you need. From providing general ministry, to officiating weddings, to performing baptisms, or conducting funerals – you now have access to an entire network of legally ordained ministers who might be able to assist you.

We've made this easy to use. To begin, simply select the faith denomination below with whose values you align most closely. From there, you'll have the ability to further filter down the options that are presented to you based on location, the type of service that is being provided, even by what type of fee you could expect to be charged for whatever service you are planning to request. Once you've found an ordained minister online who you think will be a good fit, you'll have the option to make contact with that individual to start what could end up being one of the most consequential conversations of your life.

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The Find-a-Minister tool is an amazing resource, isn't it? If you have already been personally ordained by the ULC and would like to create your own profile in the Find-a-Minister tool so that other folks online who are looking for a minister can find you, please go ahead and tap the button below to start crafting your public profile. Once you've entered in all the relevant information like your location, beliefs, a description of yourself, and even a photo, your minister profile will be visible to the public. As soon as your page is published, anyone else utilizing this tool could potentially filter down their own search to find you and make contact. Before you know it, you could find yourself solemnizing a marriage, blessing a new home, or presiding over a vow renewal!

If you aren't already ordained but feel called to take that step, you can go ahead and tap the button below to begin filling out your online ordination application. Once your ordination has been granted, you will be able to return to this page to creat your own public Find-a-Minister profile if you would like – but you are always free to remain private and only offer your ministerial services to folks you already know in your community. Whether you are looking for a minister online or looking to offer your personal ministry services online, we hope that you find this new tool useful.

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