Groom and Bride With MasksThough 2020 has been packed with twists and turns of every variety, it seems that people have found a way to carry on as best they can. Still, there are plenty of lingering questions and uncertainties about COVID-19. If you and your partner were hoping to get married in the near future, you might believe that this will not come to pass. While it is definitely true that traditional weddings are on hold for the time being, there’s nothing stopping you from tying the knot in a way that is unique and fitting for the era you are living through. 

From smaller ceremonies to digital solutions, creativity is key when it comes to planning a wedding during the coronavirus pandemic. Consider these ideas and find the best way to celebrate your nuptials. 

Remember the Reason for the Event

Weddings have gotten out of control in recent years. While the practice has been around for as long as civilization has, getting hitched seems to involve more expenses than ever before. Despite the obsession with extravagant dinner spreads and rustic venues in the middle of nowhere, the whole point of the event is to celebrate the love of the couple in the spotlight. Since you can’t host a large-scale wedding due to current health restrictions, this is the perfect time to step back and remind yourself why you’re getting married.

Your wedding should be a reflection and celebration of the bond you share with your partner. If you still want to get married this year, plan the entire affair around simple ideas like love, commitment, and the future. Scaling back and focusing on the emotional core of this milestone will spark ideas you may not have considered otherwise. 

Consider the Comfort of Guests

The United States is in an unusual predicament with the coronavirus. Some states have the outbreak under better control than others. This means that restrictions can vary from one state to the next. In some cases, regulations differ from county to county. While you may live in an area where there have been few cases, this may not be true for all of your guests. Even though a wedding is an important life event, some friends and family members might not feel comfortable attending a gathering during such uncertain times.

You absolutely need to be understanding when it comes to the wishes of your guests. Since it is your decision to go on with your wedding despite the pandemic, you can’t hold a grudge against those who need to decline an invitation out of health concerns. You should also invest in the proper PPE for your event. Provide masks, sanitizer, and other personal care items for guests as they enter the venue area. Ensure that there is a place where guests can easily wash their hands and take additional precautions when necessary. 

Go Big on the Small Screen

While you may not be allowed to gather all of your loved ones in the same physical space, there is nothing stopping you from having a wedding that embodies the digital age. This year has seen a huge rise in the popularity of apps for video conferencing, like Zoom and Skype. It is entirely possible for you to host a wedding on one of these servers and invite all the friends and family members you wish. It might not be the same as being in the same place at the same time, but it can be a close second.

Though it is true that you will not be able to have a traditional wedding the way you envisioned this year, there are plenty of alternatives to explore. Whether you opt for a Zoom wedding or make the event solely about your inner circle, you can still get married despite the coronavirus. Figure out what you feel most comfortable with, and don’t let the pandemic stand in the way of starting the next chapter of your life. 

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