Small, Intimate WeddingSmaller weddings have become more commonplace than ever before in recent years. Though it often seems like people go about their nuptials in grand and extravagant ways, the average individual leans more toward a simple event. If you’re deliberating a less intense wedding for yourself, there are a number of benefits that come with the decision. The smaller your affair, the more flexibility and focus you’ll have when it comes to the finished product. Consider these perks of intimate weddings, and learn why one can be an advantageous choice for your big day. 

A Ton of Time With Guests

A lot of time and energy is put into determining who will be invited to your wedding. Sadly, when all is said and done, you might not have much time with the people who have come out to celebrate. As the person of honor, your attention will be split between dozens of people, a timeline of activities, and the overwhelming emotions that tend to follow such a milestone moment in life. By hosting a smaller event, you’re given more time with the select people you decide to invite and will feel less rushed to greet everyone present. 

A Greater Attention To Detail

Everyone knows that weddings cost a small fortune. You’ll likely never spend as much money on a single event again, which means you’ll need to make lots of sacrifices and compromises to adhere to your budget. When you keep things simple and invite fewer people, you suddenly have more to spend on other aspects of the event. This allows you a greater attention to detail and the funds to cover decor and services that bring your dream wedding to life without the need for a loan or winning the lottery. 

A Casual Affair for All

Big weddings might seem fun in theory, but these affairs are not as exciting as photos and celebrity blog posts would have you believe. The more people at an event, the easier it is to get lost in the shuffle. This can make things seem impersonal to guests and give the entire event an awkward vibe. A smaller event, conversely, encourages everyone to be casual. Guests are more likely to relax and have fun when they don’t feel like they’re on display in a huge venue with a few hundred other revelers.

A Better List of Vendors

Just as an increased budget offers you flexibility with decor and details, so does it allow you to reach for a higher caliber of vendor. Plenty of couples settle for caterers simply because the restaurant falls within the right price range. When you’ve got fewer mouths to feed, you can spend more on the meal services. People remember what they eat at a wedding, and this is an opportunity to provide guests with a decadent and truly scrumptious dinner. Caterers are only the tip of the iceberg. Get creative and invest in better bottles of alcohol or lavish dessert offerings. 

A Less Stressful Experience

Planning a big wedding can easily become an obstacle. Though a good amount of effort is required for putting together an event of this nature at any size, you’ll find it is more manageable to handle the tasks involved with a smaller gathering. Very few couples look back at planning their weddings with a sense of fondness. If you want to be the exception to this rule, do whatever you can to minimize the amount of stress you experience from the start. Go small, and it will have a big impact on the emotional toll you endure.

Your wedding is an opportunity to celebrate your love however you see fit. If the idea of throwing a huge party is enough to push you into the realm of a panic attack, it might be best to go with a smaller affair. Opt for a less-involved wedding, and you’ll soon experience all the benefits that come from the decision.

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