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Finger TattoosIn the case of some wedding traditions, many newlyweds-to-be abandon them altogether or select unique alternatives. Customarily, a couple choosing to marry relies on a pair of wedding rings to symbolize their bond of love. However, some opt out of buying them and decide to have matching or complementary tattoos on their ring fingers instead. This practice does carry some risk and you might have difficulty finding an artist to ink this spot on your body. Nevertheless, you may discover that it is a less costly and more permanent choice as opposed to standard nuptial jewelry.  

The Popularity of Wedding Tattoos Is Rising

TheKnot contributor Nicola Bridges revealed that both ordinary and celebrity couples are having their rink fingers inked in lieu of a traditional wedding band. She cited Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine as examples, noting that Prinsloo has three small vertical dots on her ring finger. Couples typically collaborate on a distinctive design employing symbols and elements with sentimental meanings before visiting their chosen artist. Depending on the couple, they may both opt for the exact same tattoo or select a basic design using different variations for each person.

One reason the practice is gaining ground, Bridges says, is to sidestep the headache of lost or stolen jewelry. For instance, one California woman decided to have her finger inked to coincide with her 10th wedding anniversary after losing her own wedding ring twice. Furthermore, some pairs pick wedding ring tattoos for their typically lower costs. Most pairs of wedding bands can price out between $560 and $1,400. In comparison, most tattoos run between $50 and $2,000 depending on the design.

Finger Tattoos Have Their Own Challenges

While wedding ring tattoos are becoming more prevalent, many artists decline to do them. Fingers are a small space and tend to present challenges when navigating a tattoo needle. Also, these parts of the body are exposed to a good deal of wear and tear, leading to a higher likelihood of negative aftereffects such as fading and blending. Furthermore, tattooing digits can result in more pain than on other regions of your body, as there are more nerve endings and far less fat underneath the skin. 

Tips for a Great Wedding Ring Tattoo

If you and your sweetie go for matching or complementary wedding ink, you’ll need to keep a few pointers in mind to ensure you’re happy with the results. The Alternative Bride recommends choosing a design with simple lines and dark-colored inks. Secondly, it’s best to shop around for a reputable, trustworthy tattoo artist. Be sure to observe vital aftercare recommendations, and avoid putting your inked skin in water or exposing it to chemicals such as chlorine. Additionally, remember that certain medical issues such as diabetes, allergies or reliance on blood thinning medications can impact your healing. Finally, steer clear of scheduling your tattoo for immediately before wedding. Try to allow at least a few weeks prior to the ceremony for healing, or postpone your session until after you return from your honeymoon. 

Consider the Pros and Cons

As with any choice that has potentially permanent consequences, getting a tattoo of any kind should be considered carefully. This is especially true of wedding ring tattoos, which are inextricably tied to your status in a long-term legal, social and romantic relationship. If you and your sweetie decide to go this route, choose a design that’s simplistic, easy to craft on a small area of skin and uses darker inks. Moreover, don’t neglect vital aftercare practices after you’ve gotten your ink done. In the end, what you decide to do regarding your body is your decision, and it’s wise to give yourself ample time to think to ensure that you’re happy with the results.


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