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Woman Holding Paper HeartsIf 2020 has taught people anything, it is that there are some major issues that need immediate attention across the world. From racial inequality to LGBT protections to environmental concerns, people everywhere are waking up to the many problems being experienced by friends and neighbors. For these systems to change, it takes the effort of dedicated humans all over the planet. There are many ways to take action, and your wedding offers a very unique opportunity. Couples currently planning a wedding can easily infuse social change into the mix in a number of ways.

From supporting charitable causes to being selective with which vendors you work with, there are some excellent options awaiting you. Consider these ideas to make your day of love a celebration that includes the disenfranchised. 

Donations Over Gifts

Wedding gifts are a big component of modern marriages. Whether you come from a family of means or you are struggling to get by, guests will lavish you with all sorts of presents simply because it is your wedding day. A registry is a common way for couples to list items that they require or would enjoy so that guests have an easier time selecting gifts. Instead of using a traditional registry, consider registering for a specific cause. This allows your guests to make a donation to a charity you believe deeply in.

A few options exist for registering in this manner. Sites like JustGive and GoFundMe Charity make the process straightforward so that you can focus on the other pressing details of your big day.  

Support a Specific Community

The vendors you select can also play a critical role in your ability to give back with your wedding. If you’re a member of the LGBT community, for example, you might want to focus on working with businesses that are owned by people who are also a part of this group. By supporting someone’s endeavors with your money, you are giving the business a fighting chance in a competitive marketplace. Since minority groups often get snubbed when it comes to loans and affordable services, this action can really make an impact. 

You also don’t need to be a member of a community to provide this support. Recent months have seen a number of people turn to Black-owned businesses in order to bridge wealth gaps that exist due to a lack of opportunities. If you want to help in such a way, do some research to find “like-minded” vendors you adore, and put your money where it matters most.

Send Flowers to the Sick

Selecting floral arrangements is a common task involved with planning a wedding. To transform this action into a good deed, consider purchasing the flowers for someone else. There are several organizations, like Bouquets of Kindness, that will send flowers and arrangements to patients in hospitals who might otherwise not receive any support. Whether lacking family or funds, many of those hospitalized endure lonely hours while facing an uncertain future. With this small gesture, you can do your part to bring some light into lives that need it most.

Pass Everything Along

Finally, you can continue to help others even when your wedding is finished. Anything that you purchased for your big day can easily be donated and passed on to help those who don’t have the funds to purchase the items themselves. From the dress and tux to the non-perishable centerpieces and similar decor, there are plenty of pieces you can gift in order to provide another person with his or her dream wedding. 

A wedding is a perfect opportunity for you to give back through your financial decisions. Research organizations that can assist you with using your funds in the best possible way, and discover how a few small actions can lead to some lasting change for someone else.

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