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Having Fun at a WeddingWedding ceremonies have been around for a large chunk of human history. In every corner of the globe, there is some type of ritual involved with the joining of two people. With so many people in the world and weddings becoming increasingly more popular, it can seem like you and your partner are just following the same old pattern that has been explored a million times over. In truth, there are many different ways for you to break with tradition and find the best possible fit for your special day. 

To craft a unique experience for your wedding, you and your partner might want to consider how you can add a personal touch to the day’s events. By taking a look at what other couples have done in the past, it can be easy to see what will and won’t work for your own reception. With so many offbeat wedding examples out there, you will be sure to discover something that appeals to you and find a way to put your own personal spin on things.

Ring a Ding Ding

It can be beneficial to start this process by looking at some of the more common aspects of a wedding. The exchange of rings, for example, is a popular moment for a vast majority of western weddings. While there is rich symbolism found in this gesture, it also might not be a sensible move for you and your partner. Some people just don’t like rings. It does not make sense for you to exchange a ring with your partner if you both hate wearing these pieces of jewelry. 

Instead of simply doing the ring thing because it is part of the custom, you may want to take a look at other ways to provide the same symbolism. Rings are just one idea. You can also think about getting custom jewelry made for the event. If you love wearing bracelets, then it can be a wise move to have a jeweler craft a bracelet in your style with a charm or design that reflects the idea of your union with your partner. Think outside the box and you’ll start to generate some fantastic ideas moving forward.

Ditch Uniformity

Another interesting area to focus your attention on is the wedding party. The men and women you ask to share your special day with you are most likely your closest friends and confidants. While it seems like tradition to have everyone wear the same dress or tux when they are in the wedding party, this can also clash with your personal aesthetics. Uniformity is not for everyone. You may feel bored by seeing all of the women in the same color or think the men could look far better if they weren’t shoved into a basic tux.

Giving your wedding party freedom to wear what they want might open up some exciting doors for your big day. You love these people for a reason. Why not allow each person to shine their personality by way of their outfit? This does not mean you have to give free reign, either. By coming up with a couple of simple guidelines for the party, you can provide an exciting option where each member is allowed to come up with a unique outfit based on your prerequisites. 

Staying Unique

There are many different methods you and your partner can explore when planning for your unique wedding. If you’re sick and tired of the same traditions being explored at every wedding you attend, you may be ready to do something a bit different for your own event. Find the right methods for you and your partner and throw a wedding that reflects the truly unique bond you share.

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