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Outdoor Wedding in the WoodsDo you find yourself taking in the splendor of a beautiful day and wondering whether your wedding day could be that lovely? Pleasant weather and nature make for some of the best surroundings for pledging your love among family and friends. Outdoor ceremonies are not only beautifully romantic, but they also provide space for social distancing. Conservation-minded partners may also appreciate the opportunity to have a celebration that uses less energy in terms of lighting and ventilation. Here are some things to consider for a successful wedding day.

Prioritizing Comfort

Outdoor wedding ceremonies can be as casual or formal as you’d like. If you prefer to go more casual, alfresco nuptials offer the perfect opportunity for a laid-back approach. Think about your comfort as well as that of your partner, the wedding party and guests. A warm-weather wedding may be your chance to go with lighter textiles and fabrics in the attire. Depending on the location, comfy sandals or barefoot might even be an option. The venue should also account for weather. If wind and direct sunlight are likely to be present, make sure that the ceremony details address these issues accordingly.

Planning for Power

Outdoor events will likely require some access to electricity. For example, the officiant and other people in the ceremony may need vocal amplification to be heard by attendees. Depending on the time of year, you may need to add fans or heaters to make guests comfortable. Venues that are designed for wedding ceremonies usually are well configured for power access. Other venues, such as a favorite park or even one’s own backyard, may need a careful review. You or your partner may not like the idea of extension cords about, which could be both unsightly and dangerous as tripping hazards.

Checking for Sunlight

Although the sunshine may feel comfortable for a few minutes outside, consider the length of time for a wedding ceremony and possible reception. Even on the loveliest day, nobody appreciates having to squint continuously from the glare of the sun. Take into account the location of the sun when you’re deciding on the time of day and the orientation of the ceremony. A morning or evening wedding may be most ideal. Creative use of shaded areas or coverings can also help.

Decorating Your Ceremony

With an open-air ceremony, you’ll want to take advantage of your surroundings when it comes to the décor. Arguably, nothing is quite a match for the natural beauty of the outdoors. Go with a wedding theme that not only complements your surroundings but incorporates them in a way that is organic and eliminates the urge to over-design. Keep in mind that your venue will need some trimming and pruning to look neat. For example, see if you can arrange to have landscaping done the day before the event.

Selecting a Menu

If the reception will also be outdoors, your menu should take that into account. Choose a caterer that can provide food and service outside. It is strongly recommended that your menu not be made up of foods that require refrigeration, such as salads and cold casseroles. It is always a good idea to have plenty of water available so that everyone can stay hydrated. Consider offering non-alcoholic beverages such as tea or lemonade to help avoid dehydration.

Outdoor marriage ceremonies are great ways to take advantage of good weather and the beauty of nature, usually a great backdrop for one of the most important days of your life.  These open-air celebrations aren’t just a walk in the park, however. They require forethought, careful planning and other considerations. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to have a backup plan for inclement weather or other issues.

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