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Wedding Planning Checklist Next to a ComputerAfter getting engaged, you might feel ready to jump right into planning your wedding. While this level of enthusiasm can be a great source of motivation, there are some preliminary steps to get out of the way. In order to put together a cohesive plan from the very start, there are a handful of essential tools you should grab. Look over this guide and get a general idea of what you’ll need in order to craft your dream wedding. 

Physical or Digital?

Wedding traditions tend to change with each passing season. This can also be said for the different ways people go about planning their events. Once, it was common for couples to do all of the preliminary work using pen and paper. Now, the average person prefers to take care of everything related to the wedding in a digital way. As long as the app or program you select has all of the features you’ll require, it doesn’t particularly matter which route you follow to put together your plans.

The method you employ should be one that makes the most sense for how you operate. If you’re the type of person who is more likely to remember a fact when you’ve written it down on a piece of paper, don’t force yourself to use an app simply because it is trendy or popular. 

A Calendar

One of the first tasks ahead of engaged couples is selecting a date for the wedding. Once you’ve picked out a month and day, the countdown begins. To keep track of each time-sensitive responsibility ahead of you, a calendar is crucial. If you’re going the physical route, a portable planner can be your best bet. This allows plenty of room for you to write notes, keep track of upcoming appointments, and jot down contact information of potential vendors when you’re in a hurry. 

For those using digital planning tactics, a calendar is a standard feature on all phones. If you’re not a fan of the default calendar app, you can easily find an array of options that fit your needs. Setting alerts is a huge perk of digital programs, so learn about how you can use this feature to stay ahead of all your responsibilities. 

A Quality Travel Journal

A notebook is another critical item to keep on you while planning a wedding. While a calendar can help you with all time-sensitive tasks, a journal kept in your purse or bag offers you an easy way to write down all your ideas. Whether you’re stuck on a train and need to remember a song title or you meet a potential vendor in passing, a place to write down notes is a lifesaver in most cases. You can also use your phone for this task, as there are a number of excellent notepad and word processing apps.

A Reusable Bottle

Planning a wedding can often force you to neglect some of your usual habits. If you find you’re forgetting to drink water while rushing from one place to the next, carry around a reusable bottle. Staying hydrated helps you feel level and ready for whatever the day throws your way. What’s more, studies suggest drinking the recommended amount of water each day is key to keeping the skin free of toxins and looking fresh. If you want a clear complexion for your big day, drink lots and lots of water from the beginning.

While you can’t find a digital water bottle on your phone, most of the items you’ll require to plan your wedding can be downloaded. Whether you opt to write it all down by hand or use an app to track each and every detail, all that matters is you feel comfortable and confident with whatever decision you make.  

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