Wedding Couple With Cake in the ForegroundFor straight and queer couples alike, the wedding day celebration is a big deal. Two people are about to begin a life together as spouses in the presence of the people that are nearest and dearest. Whether the planned celebration is over the top or low-key, the details matter. Although LGBTQ+ couples can legally marry throughout the United States, the reality is that not every wedding vendor is on board with offering services for the nuptials of a queer couple. Here are some tips for finding the right providers and suppliers.

Go Online

It’s not enough to find vendors and venues that are tolerant of queer couples. It’s an important day for the spouses-to-be, and the celebration will that be much better when working with vendors who are accepting. One of the best ways to find these suppliers is through online wedding directories for LGBTQ+ couples. There are websites that specialize in finding vendors and suppliers that support marriage equality. These online companies curate directories of professionals who work with queer couples and/or their planners to cover all the details for the big day:

  • EnGAYged Weddings – This website allows you to search for vendors by state with a clickable map. You can also search in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Mexico and Canada if a destination event is the move.
  • – Search for wedding providers by city or zip code at this site that also includes articles and guidance for planning the big day.
  • Pridezillas – Users can look for specific vendor types in the United States, the Caribbean, Canada and Australia at this website. You can also find a directory of LGBT-owned businesses here.
  • The Rainbow Wedding Network – Search by zip code for various vendors in the United States and look up tips and ideas to celebrate tying the knot.

Ask Friends and Family

Often the best source of advice for wedding services is friends and family, especially other queer couples. Word of mouth counts for a lot, and people who have been there and done that can offer opinions about the service they received. They’ll provide feedback on their experiences, particularly whether they felt they were treated well or merely tolerated.

Talk to Vendors

Companies that offer services for weddings tend to have informal networks of other providers that they often work with. When you hire vendors that have a history of working together successfully, there’s a better chance that things will go off without a hitch. Queer-friendly providers will also know other businesses that truly support marriage equality.

Do Your Research

In your planning and searching, you may come across companies that talk a good game, but you should also dig a little deeper to see if the walk matches the talk. Check out the websites and social media pages of the vendors you’re interested in. Do they use inclusive or non-gendered language? Do they include LGBTQ+ couples in any of their photos? A lack of photos or degenderized copy doesn’t necessarily mean a company isn’t accepting and inclusive; however, if queer couples are featured in their photos and reviews, it does bode well for how they’ll treat other queer clients.

Be Direct

At the end of the day, you should always be able to ask questions of any vendors that you’re considering hiring. Question whether they’re comfortable offering their services for an LGBTQ+ wedding and how many they’ve provided services to in the past. This is a great opportunity to ask about special considerations or accommodations they have made or are willing to make. Listen to your instincts. If you have any misgivings about a particular vendor, you can always pump the brakes and choose a different supplier.

The wedding ceremony, reception and other events mark a major milestone in the relationship of a LGBTQ+ couple. They deserve the best service for their special day.

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