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Stork and BabyThe moment you welcome a child into your family is a milestone. Whether it is your first child or the next in a line of several, you’re going to want to share the news with the world. With the rise of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, announcing the birth of your child is easier than ever before. Still, you may have questions about the entire process. If you’re not sure when to make the announcement or what details to include, now is the perfect time to conduct a little research. Consider these tips for your own process.

The Basics of a Birth Announcement

There are many ways to go about sharing the birth of your child with the world. First, you need to know what details to include. Traditionally, parents will provide the child’s full name along with their own names. The exact date and time of the birth is also included. Optionally, you might want to add in the details of the child’s weight and length at the time of his or her birth. This is a small detail that doesn’t matter too much to outsiders, but it’s still somewhat expected in an announcement.

Arranging the Announcement

After putting together all of the info, it is time to consider the execution. How do you want to share this information with the world? In the past, it was common for parents to send out mailers to family and friends with the pertinent details. Now, it is far more typical for this info to be placed on the internet as a post on social media sites. This means you’ll want to make the announcement somewhat visual. You can create a design to announce the birth on your own or work with a graphic designer.

Personalizing the Experience

Social media is funny because it lumps everyone you know together under one umbrella. When you’re sharing important news, you likely want certain people to know in advance. Posting on Facebook about a child’s birth means that your siblings will see the information at the same time as your cousin’s friend’s ex-wife who you follow online because you met at a party once. To create a personal experience, consider sending a physical announcement to anyone you’d like to inform before you make the info public. Obviously, call those you’d like to tell immediately, like your parents.

Be Creative

While a standard announcement including a picture of the child and relevant information is a traditional way to go about the process, there is no rule saying it is the only way. You can be as creative or clever as you’d like with your announcement. Think about the unique personality of your family when creating an idea. If you’re all football fans, announce the birth with a photo of the baby wearing a teeny jersey of your favorite team. Find an approach that speaks to your own sensibilities, and you’ll have a lot more fun with the task.

Secrecy Is Crucial

If you decide to tell certain family members and friends before officially announcing the birth to the world on social media, you’ll need to establish a few rules. Unless you make it clear to everyone present, you’re likely going to be dealing with friends who share pics of your baby or announce how excited they are for you. Since you want to be the one who gets to make the official announcement, be sure to mention that you’d like everyone to refrain from posting about the birth until you’re able to.

When a new baby arrives in your family, you’re going to be bursting at the seams to share the information with the world. Figure out the best way to make the announcement, and bask in the glow that a little baby can bring.

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