Bachelor Party GroupYou're the one planning the bachelor party for the groom, but you want to throw him a bash that doesn't resemble a frat party gone awry. He might be a more active, outdoorsy sort, or perhaps his tastes are more elegant and sophisticated. Or, he might be an absolute geek who prefers gaming and cosplaying to the typical bar scene. Why not create a unique event that celebrates him and his individuality? Chances are, he and the wedding party will have more fun, and he won't have any strange occurrences he'll have to explain to his future spouse in the morning. Try some of these fun alternatives when you're planning his party.

For the Geeky Groom

No matter what type of geek the groom is, or what fandoms he's obsessed about, a bachelor party crafted uniquely for him should incorporate some of his favorites. If he's a noble warrior who loves a good swordfight, try a medieval swordplay class that the wedding party can attend as a group. If he's a hardcore gamer, then a gaming night might be your best bet. You could opt for a LAN party with team or tournament-style gameplay, rent out a cinema for big-screen gaming or even lease an entire arcade for an afternoon or evening. And if he's been anticipating a major movie release or looking forward to an upcoming sci-fi or comic convention, working the event into your shindig might be a great idea.

Venture Into the Great Outdoors

If the groom is a more outdoorsy kind of dude, then consider an outside activity for his bachelor bash. A day of hunting or fishing might be in order. If he likes running around in the woods and getting dirty, a paintball tournament might be just the thing. For a more high-octane kind of man, try a day of white water rafting or even skydiving. And for a guy who's got a need for speed, renting some dirt bikes or arranging a racing day at a local speedway is perfect for him and the wedding party.

A Night for Sophisticated Gentlemen

If your friend's tastes run to the more elegant, then a night out with the gang can be transformed into a sophisticated affair. Dressing up in their finest threads for a night of Scotch tasting may work out well for your league of extraordinary gentlemen. You could also arrange a group outing to a comedy club, or maybe that Broadway show he's been wanting to see. Is he the type that's into the mysterious side of life? Then plan an evening out to a magic show (think more along the lines of Penn and Teller or Criss Angel). And, to up the cosmopolitan factor, try booking a limo for your transport and incorporating dinner at one of the ritzier establishments in town.

Road Trip Time!

Warm weather and a free weekend could prove to be ideal for one last road trip before your friend gets hitched. Arranging for the wedding party to go see the groom's favorite band is an awesome idea. If you've all got a couple of days to kill, consider turning a one-day outdoor activity into a full weekend adventure. For those with bigger budgets, a trip to Atlantic City or a weekend in Mexico will definitely be more memorable than a local pub-crawl.

These ideas should provide some good inspiration for your groom's party. But no matter what you do, the idea is to center the festivities around his interests as well as to make it fun for the rest of his wedding party. With a little ingenuity and careful planning, it's easier than you think to come up with a truly original event.

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