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Sign Pointing Toward MotivationPutting together a wedding can be both a long and involved process for most couples. No matter the size and scope of your event, you may find yourself getting burned out the longer you spend looking at invitation stationery and venue options. In fact, polls conducted over the course of 2017 revealed that 96% of the 500 couples surveyed found the process of planning to be extremely exhausting and stressful. The harder you push yourself, the easier it will be for you to lose motivation before your big day arrives. 

To find the motivation you need and not succumb to the nonstop demands of the planning process, there are a few points to think over. Review these tips and formulate a strategy that keeps you focused and relaxed.  

Set Goals and Prioritize

The main reason planning a big event like a wedding can be so stressful is because of how many small tasks are involved. It is easy to be overwhelmed when you’re juggling dozens of different responsibilities at once. While your main objective might be to put together a perfect wedding, you’ll find breaking down your items into a list of goals can be a huge help. Write down everything you need to accomplish, from the huge decisions to the smallest of errands. 

After you’ve gotten everything down, prioritize the tasks based on how soon each needs to be accomplished. By having a physical list you can review whenever you feel overwhelmed, you’ll be able to put the entire event into context and let some of the anxiety go. 

Chart Your Success

Approaching a task from a new perspective has a way of working wonders on a person’s spirits. With weddings, many people tend to put most of the emphasis on the tasks that have yet to be completed. This is a very easy way to increase your levels of stress fast. To feel a bit better, try to remember everything you’ve completed already. Charting your success throughout the process can ground you and give you a better idea of how far you’ve come.

Take a Weekend Away

Couples often report that the period before a wedding can be one of the most intense on the bonds of their relationship. This is largely due to most conversations and undertakings revolving around the upcoming nuptials. To avoid the relationship traps that come with periods of intense stress, be sure to take time away from the planning phase. A weekend getaway with your partner can be the perfect excuse to rekindle your love and remember why you’re going through all of the stress in the first place.

If a vacation isn’t in the budget, stay at home and unwind with activities that you like to do together. Whether you’re home or away, the main idea is to put planning the wedding on pause so that you can show your connection a bit of nourishment and care. You’ll come back to the drawing board with more focus and motivation.

Use Each Other as Support

Though planning a wedding is stressful, you and your partner are in the situation together. Learn to use each other for support, and it can make a world of difference in your levels of stress. When you both know that you can rely on the other to pick up the slack when one of you feels stressed, it makes the burden of planning a lot less taxing on the mind, body, and spirit. 

While you might easily feel a bit stressed during the months leading to your nuptials, there is no need to fall prey to these annoyances. To avoid frustration and stay focused on your main goal, remember to take a step back and show proper attention to yourself and your relationship when necessary.

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