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Clock, Flowers and ChecklistPutting together your dream wedding can be a lot of work. While many of the headaches you experience will be related to big decisions like selecting a venue and finalizing the guest list, the stress can continue all the way until you walk down the aisle. This is primarily because there are a handful of crucial tasks you need to complete during the week leading up to your wedding. To keep yourself cool and collected, make a checklist of all you need to remember. 

Connect With Vendors 

It stands to reason you have been communicating with various vendors for what feels like an eternity already. The week of your wedding is going to be no different. In the days leading up to your event, it is best to take the lead and communicate with all of the businesses you will be working with. Reaching out to your caterer, photographer, and other vendors will allow you the ability to touch base and ensure that everything you have agreed upon is still going ahead as planned. 

Connecting with your vendors the week before your wedding also provides the perfect opportunity to give useful information to the businesses. Give the vendors necessary info like contact information, what time they should arrive to the venue, and whatever additional pertinent details might prove relevant.

Assign Designated Helpers

On the actual day of your wedding, you want to try to enjoy yourself as much as possible. Naturally, this is not going to be easy if you feel like you need to keep your head on a swivel for any potential problems. Instead of assuming the role of the host for your own wedding, designate a few trustworthy family members and friends as “point people.” Should a caterer need additional information or the venue manager require assistance with an issue, the point person will be who is approached instead of you. 

Try to be mindful of who you pick to be a helper. While your mom or best friend might be a great fit, they might also be involved with aspects of the reception. If possible, select people who have no other responsibilities to act as point people, and it will minimize any complications. 

Pack for Travel

Though the exact protocol has changed somewhat over recent years, it is still commonplace for couples to depart for their honeymoons soon after the reception has finished. Whether you’re leaving right from the venue or within the next day or so, you absolutely want to pack in advance. After your wedding finishes, you’ll be bathing in the glow of the event. The last thing you will want to do is go home and pack for a trip. Do all the packing beforehand, and you will have a much more relaxed time between the event and your flight. 

Help Your Guests

Some of your friends and family members might need a bit more help than others when it comes to your wedding. If you know that your grandma needs assistance getting up stairs or your one friend from college is notorious for getting lost, touch base with these individuals and arrange whatever help might be needed. Taking action and providing whatever assistance you can in the days leading to your wedding greatly reduces the odds you will receive a sudden or disruptive call from one of these individuals on the actual day of the event.

The week leading to your wedding might be one of the more chaotic, but it is also your chance to finalize everything you possibly can. As long as you give yourself the time needed to tackle these tasks, you will have the peace of mind you require to enjoy your big day without worry. 

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