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Bride on Social MediaGetting engaged is a life event you most likely want to share with the world. In fact, most couples wind up posting on the internet about their engagements within a day of getting engaged. It seems like the world is spinning at a faster pace than it used to and this is largely due to the presence of social media. By posting online, most people are able to connect to their families and friends in simple and effective ways. When you want to share your proudest moments with the people you care about, going online is the easiest way. 

It should come as no surprise that social media will play a pretty big part in your actual wedding day. If you are curious about the best possible ways to go about utilizing social media during your celebration, it can be useful to take a look at some helpful tips.

Check the Stats

To begin, it can be a good idea to explore statistics surrounding social media usage and weddings. When you’ve attended weddings in the past, you probably have noticed there are many happy couples who rarely get a moment to themselves. This makes total sense since the couples are pulled in a million directions at once. There are guests to speak with, photos to take, and speeches to hear, leaving very little time to actually relax. With so much happening, most couples do not actually get a chance to use their phones throughout the ceremonies and receptions. 

Since there is a lot to focus on during a wedding, only about 25 percent of couples wind up posting anything on the internet during the event itself. There are varying reasons for this but more than seventy percent of couples find they would prefer to be without their phones while enjoying their special days. On the opposite end of the spectrum, guests are far more likely to post on social media about a wedding while they are in attendance. This is something you can use to your advantage for your event.

Guests and Hashtags

The guests at your wedding are going to play a big part in how you experience your special day in the future. Studies have shown that almost all guests who fall under the age of 35 will post something online during a wedding. You are going to want to see these posts, especially when they are photos and videos taken throughout the course of the evening. Most couples do not want to have to scour their newsfeeds for relevant posts about their weddings. This is why custom hashtags have become a common sight. 

Using a hashtag specifically for your wedding can help to condense all of the posts into one convenient place. Come up with a clever hashtag no one else will have used before, as the last thing you want to deal with is sifting through dozens of posts to find the relevant ones. Adding the year to the end of the hashtag can also help to limit the odds of it already seeing use. By utilizing a hashtag for your wedding, you will be able to take advantage of all that social media can offer your wedding.

Focusing on the Moment

Disengaging from social media on the day of your wedding tends to be a useful way to focus on the moment at hand. You and your partner have put a lot of time and energy into planning for this special day. Allow yourselves the time to sink into it and enjoy it. You will have enough to worry about throughout the course of the night without distracting yourself. Set aside your phone, come up with a clever hashtag, and take advantage of truly enjoying your union.

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