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Naked Person Holding RosesWhile you and your partner are planning for your wedding, you might realize you want to include some very specific elements. Your wedding is a reflection of the love you share, which means you need to make sure the experience is uniquely you. Of course, you may also feel like a few of the things you want from your wedding are a little strange. To make you feel better about whatever choices are on the table, it can be fun to explore some of the more bizarre wedding stories to have taken place over the years.

The world is a vast and peculiar place. Even though everyone has their own customs, there are some individuals who go above and beyond to make their mark and express their love. Check out these examples of unusual weddings and you’ll probably feel a lot less strange about your own tastes.

Never-Ending Train

Most brides want to look beautiful for their weddings. This means a lot of attention is usually paid to the dress. Some brides go for elegant gowns and others opt for something a bit more casual. One woman in China, however, wanted to make her outfit into something of a spectacle. Xie Qiyun of Guangzhou decided she wanted to set some records with her wedding. The train of her dress measured 657 feet, which set a new record across the world. As if the length was not enough, the weight of the dress exceeded 220 pounds. 

Birthday Suits

While on the topic of clothing, it is interesting to note that not all couples dedicate much thought to their outfits. In fact, there are some couples who forego clothing entirely. Nude weddings are an incredibly niche market but you might be surprised to learn just how many couples have followed this path. Many of these events are only partially nude, with brides and grooms covering their respective parts in clever ways. Still, there are some who have decided to wed in nothing more than what they were born in. 

Weddings and a Funeral

Weddings are often closely related to funerals. This is because families often can’t find the time to gather together except for these types of events. While a wedding is much different than a funeral for many reasons, there are some couples who enjoy exploring the macabre. Weddings held in graveyards are not uncommon and there are many couples who forego the bright colors of a typical wedding reception for a palette of black.

The undead are even known to make for a popular theme for many couples. Some horror enthusiasts like to infuse their special days with a bit of fright. Having guests dress like zombies for a wedding may not be for everyone but it sure can make for some wild wedding photos.

Weddings for One

Most people associate a wedding with two people. There are many cases where only one person is involved. Getting married to yourself might sound like a joke but it is a reality for several people in the world. In 2003, a woman in Holland married herself in front of all of her friends and family. A man in China married himself back in 2007 when he realized he was not satisfied with the world and wanted to make a statement. Finding contentment with oneself is one thing, but this gesture takes it to a whole new level.

The world is a wild and wonderful place. While many people get married in a very traditional way, there is nothing holding you back from walking down the aisle in the way you see fit. You may not want to invite zombies or strip down to your skivvies but a little bit of time can help you plan the perfect event for you.

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