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A Wedding InvitationA wedding can be a lot of work. You and your partner have probably spent a great deal of time planning each and every aspect of your coming celebration. While there are some areas of the plan that may take precedence in your mind, it can be easy to forget certain details. When you get caught up in the madness of planning it all out, it can be useful to slow down for a moment and focus on specific details you might not have considered. Your invitations, for example, can be quite important to focus your attention on.

Sending out the right invites can make a huge difference in the way people respond to your coming event. Some people go above and beyond with invites but you can also opt for something a bit less intense. Take a moment to explore some different ideas for your invites and see if you feel inspired for your own coming plans.

The First Mailout

Before you even think about the invites, you might want to consider your “save the date.” This is the first item most couples send to potential wedding guests. The information included on this mailer is somewhat informal, allowing the people closest to you to gain insight as to when your special day will be. Once you have solidified an actual date for your wedding, you are going to want to act fast and come up with a plan for your save the date mailers. This helps people to mark their calendars and hold the correct dates for your wedding.

With this step, you can take a very basic route. Many couples opt to just send out something like a magnet or postcard to guests. Magnets are helpful because guests can put them right on the fridge and not forget about when your wedding is going to be. Postcards are also efficient because they are inexpensive and can be sent out in bulk without a hassle. Find what works for you and try to save as much money as possible with this step because you’ll need to have enough in your budget for the actual invites.

The Actual Invites

Sending out the invites to your wedding will require a bit of forethought. You have a lot of different vendors and services to spend money on for your event. This means you could benefit from being a bit more relaxed with your invitations. Instead of spending a small fortune on this part of the process, consider doing the invites yourself. You can come up with a spectacular design yourself on your computer and then have the invites printed in bulk from a local print shop. This allows you room to save money while still delivering a personalized invite. 

If money is not a concern for you, then you can still make your invites into something more exciting. Try and discover an aesthetic for your invitations that matches the environment of your coming wedding. For example, you might want to use a type of paper that is rustic in appearance for a ceremony being held in a renovated barn or whimsical woodland setting. Tying together the overall look of your event starts with the invite so try not to drop the ball when it comes to designing something perfect.

A Great Choice

Sending out the right wedding invitations requires a bit of time. Sit down with your partner and discuss the details of your coming ceremony. This will help you to come up with a plan for how you would like to go about sending your invites. Once you have come up with a plan that makes sense for your needs, you will be ready to get those invitations in the mail and begin the countdown to your big day.

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