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Bride Thinking About Her Wedding DayThe road to your wedding is long and fraught with all kinds of frustrations. When the big day arrives, you want to enjoy it. Naturally, you’re going to feel like you need to keep your head on a swivel and watch for any signs of trouble. Though it makes sense to desire a perfect event after putting in so much work, your main job is to get married and have fun. There are plenty of tasks you can delegate to members of the wedding party, trusted family members, and employees of the venue.

Carrying Around Personal Items 

Most people carry several personal items on them at any given time. From phones to Chapstick to eye drops, certain essentials can’t be forgotten for long. On your wedding day, however, you don’t want to be carting around a bunch of random items. Since you’ll likely still need access to this stuff, ask someone to keep an eye on a small bag of personal effects for you. Should you need to fix your makeup or send a text, you’ll have the option.

Acting as the Point of Contact

In the weeks and days leading up to the event, you likely have been fielding endless texts, calls, and emails about the details of your wedding. While you might feel an impulse to give people last-minute directions or try and explain the dress code, you cannot waste time being a point of contact for your event when you’re busy living it. Assign a friend or family member the responsibility of providing other guests with answers to such questions. Should someone get a flat tire or forget an address, the issue will be resolved without your involvement. 

Handling the Paperwork

Applying for a marriage license is something you need to take care of before your wedding day arrives. After tying the knot, the document must be signed by the couple, the officiant, and witnesses. Since this is a big responsibility, you may feel like you need to be the one in charge of the paperwork. Try not to lose yourself in this task and see if you can get the officiant or one of the witnesses to hold the documents.  When the time comes, the person holding the paperwork can bring everyone together for a quick signing session. 

Using Social Media

Plenty of people will be posting on Instagram and Facebook on the day of your wedding. While you might feel a strong impulse to pull out your phone and see what guests are sharing, this will take you out of the moment. All of the pictures and videos and positive words being posted across social media will still be there the morning after. If you absolutely must post to social sites, try to get someone else to do it for you. This way you can stay engaged with the event and still actively share the night with followers.

Running Out at the Last Minute

No matter how much effort you put into planning your wedding, plenty of issues can arise at the last minute. While running to the store may seem like a totally manageable task, you should avoid this at all costs. You never know when a trip around the corner can turn into being stuck in traffic for hours. Again, this is a situation in which you will benefit more from asking someone else to tackle the job. Your focus should always be on preparing for and enjoying the wedding. Anything else can be handled by another person.

Your wedding day is going to come and go in a blur. In order to hold onto the moment and enjoy it, you need to remain mindful. To achieve this, delegate whatever tasks you can to people you trust and do your best to stay present on this important day. 

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