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A Casual Family WeddingNot everyone cares about marriage. In fact, popular opinions on weddings have changed drastically in recent years. People are getting married later, and many couples live together for a long time before deciding to take it to the next level. While there are many reasons for this change on a broad spectrum, you could also just be someone who has never cared about weddings. Many people obsess over their weddings, which is why there were so many television shows centered around dramatic brides. If this isn’t you, but you are planning on marrying, you may need help.

Loving couples who don’t care about marriage decide to tie the knot all the time. Unfortunately, you can’t escape the onslaught of questions about your future plans. From the second you get engaged, strangers and relatives alike will begin hounding you about the date, the venue, and any other detail they can pull from you. If this sounds like a nightmare to you, then you may need a bit of guidance on how to plan a wedding when you don’t really care about weddings.

Family Affair

A large chunk of the population only goes through with a wedding because of their families. Some couples are infinitely happy living together and experiencing life together without ever having to get an official document of their union. Still, some families may be more traditional and expect a ceremony and reception in order officiate the experience. This produces a lot of stress in couples, especially when they feel as if their marriage is happening to please other people. 

If this is the case with you and your partner, there are a few easy ways to find peace. Going through with a wedding for the sake of making others happy is a nice gesture, but remember to make the experience about the love you share with your partner. There’s no point in having a wedding if the love of the couple is not on display. Personalize your event with little touches of your romance, whether in the decor or the readings during the ceremony, and you’ll find more enjoyment in a process out of your control. 

Cut the Fluff

Not wanting to get married can also be a financial decision. Some couples view a wedding as a total waste of resources. If you are getting married for one reason or another, and you and your partner don’t want to spend anything, then keep it cheap. Cutting out some of the excessive services involved with a wedding reception can be a surefire way for you to stay in a manageable price range. Instead of hiring a professional makeup artist or hairstylist, contact friends of yours who provide the service at a more affordable rate.

In fact, you can turn to the people in your life for an array of needs. Artists can help with centerpieces. If you know anyone who owns a restaurant you can learn about catering options. Taking advantage of the people around you is not advisable, but when you do business with those closest to you it stands to reason you will find some incredible discounts. You’ll also feel like your wedding is more personal overall when people you care about are involved in the design.


Getting married when you and your partner both don’t care about marriage can seem like a ridiculous effort. There is going to be a lot of stress on your horizon, especially if you fight the process. When marriage is inevitable, whether for cultural or financial reasons, you and your partner have to go about the planning in a way befitting of your life. Take time, remember to breathe, and find a celebration that will fit both of your needs.

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