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plates and menu at fall wedding
At your fall wedding, you can match the menu to the season!

Everyone looks forward to the flavors of fall, whether it’s pumpkin pie spices, cranberries or sage. When the foods of autumn make an appearance at your fall wedding, your guests will have warm memories of your special day. If you’re planning a wedding during this season, take your menu to a new level with these great ideas.

Switch Up Your Dessert Table 

Wedding cakes are no longer taking center stage for desserts. Instead of a towering wedding cake, select a variety of fall desserts that your guests will love. Choose apple, pumpkin, pecan and mince pies along with cream pies for a pie bar that will look just as amazing as any cake. If you’re not into pies, have a DIY dessert station where guests can make s’mores over an open fire or find a team to serve fresh donuts with apple cider, another fall classic.

Hearty Comfort Foods

One of the best ways to make a menu special is to focus on local, seasonal produce. With the fall, carrots and other root vegetables are being harvested, which lets you choose more rustic entrees that might not be appropriate for spring and summer menus. Roast chicken with an array of roasted vegetables or chicken pot pie will be appreciated at your fall wedding. Butternut squash or tomato soup served with a small grilled cheese sandwich makes a fun appetizer. Bring seasonal produce into your menu for great food.

Fall Drinks – Mocktails and Cocktails 

Apple cider, hot toddies, chai and pumpkin spice lattes make great drink options for guests in the fall. If you’re hosting an evening reception, hot drinks can be very inviting, whether you’re hosting it indoors or out. Have a hot chocolate table with both kid and adult flavors. Create one or two signature drinks using apple brandy or bourbon, fall flavors that go with the other fall items on your menu. If you’re close to a local brewery, ask about fall beers. Porters and stouts go well with autumn nights and heavier comfort foods at a fall wedding.

Use Fall Spices as a Guide to Food 

Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger are some spices that pair well with the fall harvest. Bring these spices into each course of your wedding menu, from appetizers to desserts. Cloves are often used in savory entrees. Venison can stand up to the spiciness of cloves, as can roasted ham. Ginger can add a nice bite to stews or baked goods. Maple syrup has a nuttiness that adds a delicious element to BBQ sauces or glazes for roasted vegetables. Don’t forget to add some tangy notes to your menu using cranberries or pickles that will balance out the heavier fall flavors.  

Fall Wedding Favors

Be creative with wedding favors by giving gifts that your guests will really appreciate. Food wedding favors are a big hit at any wedding, regardless of the season. Curating edible fall favors gives you a lot of options that you can’t find any other time.

  • Fresh apples or pears from a local orchard
  • Maple syrup in a maple leaf bottle
  • A small jar of honey from a local producer
  • A jar of jam or salsa made locally with fresh produce
  • A jar of hot chocolate mix or loose tea leaves for a hot cup after the wedding
  • Bulbs that can be planted for a spring garden surprise

A fall wedding has its own spirit. Incorporating the elements of the season can make your wedding memorable, sustainable and affordable. Work with your caterer to find options that fit your personality and style for a special event that will be the talk of the season.

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