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Getting Ready for a WeddingBy now, you’ve probably heard plenty of horror stories about uncomfortable wedding party apparel in cringe-worthy shades. Although it probably won’t strain your friendships, committing the same faux pas with your attendants means that they’ll be less focused on helping you celebrate your special day and more distracted by physical discomfort and anxiety over how they look. These helpful tips should serve as a guide to selecting attire that works well with both your theme and their personal preferences.

Shelve Your Ego

Fashion maven Randy Fenoli, best known for his role on the popular reality show “Say Yes to the Dress,” revealed one surprising trait about the selection of many wedding attendants’ dresses in a March 2013 Washington Post article. As a former designer of bridesmaids’ frocks, he discovered that a lot of brides shied away from his more fashion-forward, sophisticated options, citing concern that their attendants’ apparel would look better than their wedding gowns. It’s important to understand that you and your beloved are the stars of your own nuptial show, so you needn’t worry about being outshined by your wedding party.

With that in mind, a willingness to be flexible will go a long way with your friends and loved ones walking down the aisle with you. Consider what’s more important to you: a perfectly styled ceremony and reception, or the joy of your friends and family as they celebrate your loving union with you? Chances are, it’s the latter, so it’s vital to steer clear of turning into a “groomzilla” or a “bridezilla” and be prepared to accommodate your attendants. After all, they’re probably paying for it, and asking them to buy unflattering apparel that they’ll probably never wear again isn’t exactly considerate.

Consider Size, Height and Body Types

Your wedding party will be wearing their attire all day, so it’s vital to make an effort to select properly fitting garments. You’ll do everyone a favor by not insisting on a cookie-cutter, identical look for each person. Try to choose their clothing at least six months in advance to allow the vendor enough time to perform needed alternations. Additionally, select a formalwear shop with staff knowledgeable in shapes and cuts that best work for each person’s body. They’ll be able to advise you if, for instance, the same tux or dress that looks great on your tall and stocky honor attendant will overwhelm a shorter and skinnier friend. Specifically for dresses, StyleCaster recommends choosing one color and fabric while letting your attendants select the specific cuts for their frocks.

Offer a Range of Color Choices

Another typical chief complaint about wedding party attire is color. Many couples focus on making it match or coordinate their theme, which can result in dressing their attendants in some less-than-ideal shades. Many people turn up their noses at pastels or very bright springtime hues, and for good reason: reds, greens, bright pinks or yellows may not work for every skin tone and aren’t very versatile to wear again at other events. Instead, you might pick a range of colors and permit some leeway in the exact shade each person wears. Alternatively, you can also offer the option of neutral shades that coordinate with these hues. However, the safest bet for your entire party is blacks, neutrals and metallic tones, as they look great on nearly everyone.

How you style your wedding party’s attire is just one aspect of the overall aesthetic of your special day. With a careful, harmonious approach, you’ll avoid sticking your attendants in stereotypically tacky dresses, ugly suits or other sartorially questionable ensembles. It’s wise to balance your personal vision with their comfort to come up with choices that both you and they will love.

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