A Woman SleepingPreparing for your wedding can easily take a lot out of you. Whether you are planning for a huge event with hundreds of people or a smaller, more intimate affair, you are going to experience varying levels of stress throughout the process. Though this stress is not always avoidable, it is important to remember that too much stress can be a detriment to your health. The more you feel frustrated, the more strain you put on your heart, your immune system, your digestive tract, and more.

Since you want your mind, body, and spirit to be as healthy as possible for your big day, it can be a good idea to start exploring how to practice self-care. By taking time out of your hectic schedule to focus on your own needs, you may make the entire planning experience a little less taxing on your spirits.


Everyone is aware of the fact that they need to eat in order to stay alive. Unfortunately, most people don’t eat the right foods when they are strapped for time. You might find yourself eating fast food, takeout, and all sorts of less-than-healthy meals when you’re putting together the finer details of your event. While this provides you with the sustenance you need to keep going, your diet might not be providing you with real nourishment. To fix this, consider using a meal planning app to make sure you reach your macro and micronutrients every day. Being properly nourished will help you feel energized and ready for whatever additional challenges await you during your wedding planning process. 


Providing your body with proper nourishment might be a great start, but there are many additional steps you can take to practice self-care and keep yourself sane while prepping for your big day. Getting proper sleep is another area to focus your efforts on. According to research, roughly 35% of Americans report they receive less than the standard eight hours of sleep each night. Unfortunately, a lack of sleep can compromise your immune system and make you far more susceptible to simple, avoidable viruses and other ailments.

Though sleep is important, it can be very difficult to pinpoint whatever it is that’s keeping you up at night. There are many ways to break the cycle and improve your sleep. Putting your phone away an hour before bed is a great start, as the light from the screen is thought to trigger the brain into thinking it is daytime. Similarly, avoiding naps throughout the day can help you sleep for longer periods at night. If insomnia persists, you may want to speak with your doctor about the best way to obtain the proper amount each night.

Turn Off for a Day

With only so much time to go before your big day, you may feel like you need to put every possible second toward planning. Of course, this mentality can cause undue stress. Though it might seem like time is limited, you need to give yourself a night or two each week to unwind and not focus on your wedding. Having these mini “breaks” from planning can easily recharge your batteries and take away some of the tunnel vision you might be experiencing from the ordeal.

Knowing how to care for yourself is important when you are trying to plan for a big event like your wedding. By practicing a bit of self-care throughout the process, you are more likely to keep a level head and enjoy yourself as you iron out the details of your big day.


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