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Couple Having Breakfast in BedDid you have to delay your honeymoon due to the recent spread of COVID-19? If so, you’re not alone. Countless couples across the world had to make sudden adjustments to their plans in order to adhere to the new normal of the pandemic. While it might be a bummer to not be able to spend this time on sandy beaches or exploring a European city, people everywhere are making the best out of a bad situation. Instead of delaying your trip, bring the honeymoon mentality into your house for an indoor experience.

With a bit of creativity, there’s no telling what you can do to bring this goal to life. Consider these at-home honeymoon ideas and feel inspired for making the most of things.

Break Your Routine

You might be wondering why you would even want to have a honeymoon at home after spending so many endless hours trapped indoors. Location is part of the experience, sure, but the whole point of the trip is to bond with your spouse. You don’t need to swim around the Great Barrier Reef or climb Machu Picchu to achieve that. In fact, most couples are so caught up in the whirlwind of the experience that they don’t always converse and connect with their partners as they’d like. It is difficult to talk when you’re trapped in an itinerary, after all.

The key to having a successful honeymoon experience at home is breaking your routine. You’ll be in the same setting, so this means you’ll need to get creative with how you go about shaking things up. An easy way to do this is by putting your phones away. Chances are high you’ve spent the last few months scrolling on your phone like a maniac. As a way to break from this and encourage a connection with your significant other, make a plan for when and where you are allowed to access your phones. 

Set the Scene

Another way to transform your home and make it more appealing as a honeymoon “destination” is with decorations. You’d be surprised at how adding a few tapestries to the wall can bring some new colors into your world. If you were planning a trip to Paris, for example, you might want to bring a French aesthetic into your space. Hang pictures of the Eiffel Tower, the Seine, and the Louvre around the walls. Look at pictures of French cafes online and see if you can make a few adjustments to your kitchen to give it more of a European vibe.

From the food you make to the way you light the space, you have total control over where you “go” on your home honeymoon. Music can also enhance the vibe. If your plan was to travel to a beach town for casual relaxation, play the soft ambient sounds of the sea. It might not be the same as feeling the cool spray on your face, but hearing the calming noise might provide you with a little bit of peace during an otherwise tumultuous moment in history.

Go the Distance

As a final touch, consider learning a language together. Maybe you can’t fly to Spain right now, but you’ll be able to go one day. Use the time you’re stuck inside with your partner to establish an understanding of a foreign language like Spanish. Doing so together is a great way to bond and hold each other accountable throughout the process. Plus, you’ll be prepared to understand the culture in a totally different way once you’ve educated yourself on the language.  

Though you might not be able to go anywhere in a real sense, the human mind is easy to trick. Find fun ways to explore an at-home honeymoon experience, and allow yourself a bit of respite during one of the strangest historical periods yet.

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