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Dogs Dressed for a WeddingIn many households, pets are members of the family. The absolute joy that cats and dogs bring to life makes them invaluable to surviving daily life. When you and your partner have spent time raising a furry little friend together, it stands to reason that the little guy means a lot to you. If you’re planning a wedding, then you might be curious about whether or not you should incorporate your pet into the big day. Some couples opt not to bring their pets, feeling like it might be too much for their pups and kittens to handle.

If you think your pet absolutely needs to be a part of your event, then you are in luck. Couples have been including their pets on their weddings for years. There are many clever ways for you to come up with a plan that works for your needs. Take a moment to think about some of these simple ideas and see if any are appealing to you during the planning phase of your wedding.

Included Beforehand

Maybe you have a pet that does not do well in public. Cats as a whole don’t enjoy being outdoors and surrounded by people. Many dogs also tend to run away when left to their own devices during outings. This means that you might not want to run the risk of creating a scene at your own wedding by including your pet. Instead of trying to figure out a way to wrangle your dog out from under a parked car in your wedding attire, think about including your pet in a different way.

Using a photo of your cat or dog as the main image on your wedding invites, for example, might be the perfect way to incorporate your pet into your special day. You might want to tie a cute little sign around your pup that has relevant details about the time and date of your wedding and use a photo of this as the “Save the Date” card. Get creative with how you include your furry friend in your wedding and you are likely to come up with plenty of sensible ideas.

Perfect Matches

It is also quite likely that your pet gets along swell with some of your family members and friends. This can definitely work to your advantage when you are planning for your wedding. If your dog is head over heels for your best man, then partner them up. Get a decorative leash and task your best man with walking the dog down the aisle. This can help you to incorporate your pup while also feeling comfortable in how he or she will behave throughout the event.

Many couples also use their pets for simple roles like ringbearer and flower girl. While pets are not all the best at following directions, there are some who excel when it comes to going where they are told. If you have a pet that knows how to respond to commands, you might want to dazzle the guests at your wedding by having a cat carry the rings down the aisle. An adorable sight that helps you to include your loving pets on a very special day for your relationship.

Cute and Cuddly

When you come up with a clever and sensible way to incorporate your pet into your wedding, you will be able to take your event to new levels of success. If you absolutely love your dog or cat, you will want to have them involved with your wedding. Figure out a plan that makes sense for your special day and be sure to take various angles into consideration in regards to the personality of your pet. In no time, you’ll be ready for a wedding that is as beautiful as it is adorable.

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