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Overall HealthAfter COVID-19, it makes sense that a lot more people around the world are focused on their health. While statistics show that an interest in wellness was growing among most consumer groups before 2020, the pandemic caused these industries to skyrocket. Naturally, the wedding industry has seen a number of shifts for this reason. Couples are now more likely to put health and wellness at the front and center of their lives when planning their nuptials. And this goes beyond hitting the gym to shed a few pounds to fit into wedding attire. 

Take a look at these wellness trends sweeping through the wedding industry. Whether you’re planning a wedding or not, learning a bit more may help you better meet your own health needs.

Ditch the Idea of Dieting

In the past, dieting was the main way a person went about losing weight. Nowadays, “losing weight” is no longer the main goal. People have begun to embrace their body types, leading to more positivity when it comes to weight and physical appearance. However, exercising and eating well is still vital to feeling and looking the way you want. Instead of going on diets, couples are now following the sensible approach of balancing their meals and finding what works for them. 

There’s no need for miracle pills, diet shakes, or caloric deprivation when you think about what you eat, exercise, and moderate your cravings. Thankfully, a little practice in these areas can help you get achieve your desired fitness status far easier than a strict and bland diet ever could. 

Move Your Body

Exercise can take many forms. While intense workouts aimed at toning or building muscle are important, so is simply getting up and moving your body with purpose. The “wedding boot camp” has long been a popular package that gyms and fitness centers offer couples looking to get ready for their nuptials. However, people are now finding alternatives. Yoga, for example, is an amazing way to get in touch with parts of your body that you might not move on a regular basis. 

Yoga has a number of health benefits, but it also can be advantageous for your upcoming wedding in many ways. When you are more in tune with your body, you may have an easier time cutting loose on the dance floor during the ceremony without fear of pulling a muscle.

Reduce Planning Stress

In the past, planning a wedding was considered one of the most stressful experiences a couple could go through. This has led to people adopting a “low to no stress” approach to their nuptials. To achieve this, couples are setting more realistic goals for their events. Whether you have less money to spend than you initially hoped or the date you had in mind isn’t available, knowing how to be reasonable with your expectations can help you feel less stressed. 

Though people often associate stress with emotional or mental health, it actually has a big impact on your physical wellness as well. Research has shown that stress can increase the odds of major cardiovascular complications. By learning not to sweat the small stuff while planning a wedding, you’re helping yourself stay healthy. 

Find Your Fitness

Enduring the spread of the novel coronavirus may have been infuriating in most ways, but it did cause many people to pay attention to their health with more scrutiny. Whether planning a wedding or not, you should always stay mindful of how you treat your body. From eating balanced meals to reducing your stress levels through sensible expectations, there are countless easy steps to take when attempting to achieve this goal. With a little exploring, you’re bound to find the perfect fitness plan for your own needs.

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