Mom and Son on His Wedding DayWhile your wedding day is all about you and your partner, it is hard to deny that it is kind of about both of your moms as well. Since these women brought you into the world and likely spent a lot of time and energy on ensuring you survived into adulthood, the least you can do is give them some extra attention during your nuptials. If you’re stuck on how to achieve that, consider these fantastic and simple ideas for including mom in the fun.

Walk Down the Aisle Together

One of the easiest ways to include mom on the big day is by having her walk you down the aisle. While this is a role normally given to fathers, there is absolutely nothing wrong with switching things up. Plus, you might have a closer connection to your mom and want her to fill this spot for you. This is also an amazing way to thank a mom who raised you alone, as it symbolically illustrates this big life transition for both of you.

Incorporate Personal Possessions 

You can also include your mom and her importance in your life by incorporating one of her personal possessions into your ensemble. The classic “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” ritual is made for this type of idea. Since you’ll need something you have borrowed from a person you love, ask mom if she has an accessory or piece of jewelry you can wear. Mom might even want to give you a piece from her own wedding that had personal significance.

Spend Time Together

There are a ton of events and activities leading up to the actual wedding day. To show mom extra love and attention, spend as much time as you can with her during the planning process. Ask her to come shopping with you for decor or to select the outfit you want to wear on the big day. These little moments matter and will often help to alleviate any stress you might have about the coming wedding. A mom can be a great person to offer advice on how to handle the fears and frustrations of the future.

Honor Her Memory

For many families, weddings arrive after a mother has passed away. When mom is no longer with you, there are still ways to include her memory on such an important day. Whether you decide to wear her wedding dress or you include a special tribute to her throughout the day’s events, there are many touching ways to pay respects to a person who meant so much to you when she was around.

Ask for Her Input

Unsolicited advice can contribute to headaches while planning a wedding. Asking for help when you need it, however, can totally change the game for the best. If you want mom to feel loved and included, ask for her input. See if she has any ideas to offer about family traditions you can include or similar bits of insight. This will help mom feel like a part of the fun, and you may even discover that she has some amazing ideas.

Include Lots of Pictures

For some events, wedding decor includes a ton of pictures of the happy couple from over the years. From slideshows to collages, there are plenty of opportunities to walk back in time and experience amazing memories. Be sure to include pictures that feature your mom and other members of your immediate family. This is a very simple and effective way to ensure everyone gets a little attention on your big day.

Helping mom feel a little extra love in the days leading up to your wedding can be a very nice gesture. Figure out what will work best for your family to keep everyone in agreeable spirits the entire time.

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