Couple Having DrinksThe driving force behind most modern weddings is love. When you decide to marry someone, you’ve come to the conclusion that you care for this individual in a strong enough way that a legal union is the next logical step. Interestingly, putting together plans for a wedding often places a lot of strain on a relationship. This is primarily due to most, if not all, conversations centering on the upcoming nuptials. To remember the reason for the event and nourish your bond, it is wise to look for ways to connect with your partner.

Getting in a bit of quality time before your wedding is vital to your sense of wellness while planning your big day. Consider these offbeat ideas and find time in your schedule for the person you’re preparing to spend the rest of your life with.

Hit the Spa

The road to a wedding is often loaded with all kinds of health and wellness goals. Couples want to look and feel fantastic when their big day arrives, so schedules usually center around going to the gym, partaking in boot-camp classes, and following strict diets. If you want to put a fun spin on things and spend more time with your significant other, go to the spa together. Unlike the rigorous nature of exercise, spa services are all about restoring and rejuvenating the body so that it has a healthier and more youthful appearance.

Visiting a spa with your partner can be a nice experience because it is an excursion that demands you both be relaxed. Whether you decide to get a couples massage or follow your own itineraries based on which services you each need, the trip can give you something to look forward to and partake in as a unit.

Learn a New Skill Together

Life is filled with learning opportunities. When you put in effort to hone a new skill, it can provide you with a deep sense of satisfaction and pride. The same is true when you acquire a new ability alongside your partner. Learning together is an experience that can benefit your relationship in countless ways. There are many options to consider, from pursuing a practical route like a cooking class or going after something more unusual like a course on taxidermy.

Get Lost in Nature (Kind Of)

There are endless reasons to spend time outdoors. However, there are also plenty of people who dislike being surrounded by nature for too long. If you’re the type who hates dealing with bugs and sleeping on the ground, as well as can’t stand a lack of modern amenities, then glamping might be a good way to spend time with your partner. Instead of roughing it for a weekend, you can disappear into an experience that mixes the beauty of the outdoors with all the comforts that people have grown accustomed to, like plumbing and Wi-Fi. 

Talk Like You Used To

Whether you consider yourself a conversationalist or not, you likely had a lot of long talks with your partner before deciding to get engaged. Sadly, couples tend to talk less as the years go on. Usually, it only takes a little bit of a push to get the ball rolling and connect in the same way you did when you were eager to eat up all the details of one another. If you want to spend time with your significant other in a meaningful manner, sit down and talk and see where the conversation leads.

As the date of your wedding looms closer, set time aside for just you and your partner. Finding simple, engaging ways to spend time together can nourish the bond you share and better position your relationship for the big step you are about to take. 

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