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Holding an Engagement RingThe year 2020 has brought some bizarre and upsetting changes to the planet’s status quo. The rise of the novel coronavirus has led to a total disruption of daily life for a majority of people, with experts predicting that the ramifications of quarantine will be felt for years on economic and psychological levels. Still, this doesn’t mean you need to throw all of your future plans out the window. If you were planning on asking your partner to marry you before the start of the pandemic, you can still go through with the decision. Of course, you’ll need to make some plan alterations.

In a year of social distancing and toilet-paper shortages, focusing on love can be helpful. Consider these points and learn how to best get engaged during these peculiar times. 

Physical Concerns

Perhaps the biggest point to consider at first is physical distance. If you and your significant other were already living together before quarantine, then you will have it a bit easier when it comes to planning a proposal. However, couples who live apart or are unable to be with each other during isolation might need to go about the process in a slightly different way. Just because you’re unable to be in the same room as your partner doesn’t mean you need to wait to take a big step in your life.

Apps and programs for video conferencing have skyrocketed in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic began. If you want to pop the question and don’t want to wait, consider using a program like Zoom or Google Hangouts. You can even get family members and friends in on the arrangement by organizing a “secret” group call and surprising your significant other by revealing everyone at the end. Get creative with the way you use modern tech in your proposal, and you can come up with some really clever ways to begin your engagement. 

Logical Concerns

Whether you currently occupy the same space or not, there are going to be a number of logical concerns moving forward after you’ve proposed. The last few months have seen thousands of weddings all over the country canceled or postponed. With couples everywhere scrambling to figure out new dates for their events, you probably won’t be able to find a suitable venue for quite a bit of time. The same goes for vendors and any services connected to a wedding, as there’s still a lot of uncertainty about when it will be acceptable for large groups to gather.

While setting a date for your wedding within a sensible period of time after getting engaged is the traditional decision, you’ll want to slow down your own process. In light of the cancelations and confusion caused by COVID-19, it would be in poor taste for you to select a date right now. Instead, come up with an array of different options for the future. Try not to have your heart set on any one specific time of year, as only time will tell when venues and vendors will return to a normal flow.

Celebrate Your Love

In a time when you need to keep away from the people you love the most, it can be difficult to celebrate. If you decide to get engaged, don’t feel like you can’t still have a little bit of fun. While you definitely cannot host any type of gathering during a quarantine, you can still spend time with your partner and indulge in a nice meal or bottle of champagne at home. Call or video chat with friends and family to share the news and keep spirits high. Later, when the pandemic has died down, you can celebrate properly.

When you want to get engaged to the person you love, an international pandemic can easily put a damper on things. Though COVID-19 has changed life in myriad ways, you can still make the best of things.

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