Woman Excited About Receiving a GiftGiving gifts is common in relationships. From birthdays to anniversaries to major holidays, there is no shortage of important dates on a calendar that require your attention. Early in a relationship, it is somewhat easy to pick out gifts. You’re learning about a person and what he or she likes, making it a lot easier to take wild stabs when selecting an appropriate present. What’s more, your significant other is likely to be more receptive to whatever you get in those first days. As the years go on, however, plenty of couples start to struggle.

If you’re feeling stuck for how to approach giving your partner the perfect gift, explore the options available to you. Look over these suggestions and find the best way to tackle your goals.

Totally DIY

When buying something from the store feels like a wasted effort, there’s nothing wrong with taking a DIY route. The option of constructing or crafting a present on your own can be rewarding in both the time it takes to put it together and the reaction that you get from your partner. DIY ideas are similar to the crafts you made for your parents in school as a child but a bit more involved. The type of project you take on should reflect your own skills in some way so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the challenge.

For example, you might have a background in woodworking from a class you took in college. This means you should look into DIY ideas that involve the abilities you’ve already honed. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with learning a new skill for the purpose of creating a gift. If you want to learn how to do something new and create a wonderful gift in the process, then this can be the perfect excuse to dedicate time to the effort.

Personalized Options

Not everyone is going to be comfortable exploring the DIY route. If you’re stuck for what type of gift to get and still want it to be personal, there are plenty of exciting customized gifts to consider. A very simple example of a personalized gift is a mug that is crafted to feature a favorite picture and a sweet message. There are countless ways to customize gifts and please your partner. From wine glasses to wooden coasters, comic books to canvas prints, you can easily find something to customize with a little bit of effort.

Hobbies and Interests 

Getting stuck on what to get for a partner can be frustrating, but finding the right solution is easy when you reframe the way you’re thinking. Your significant other probably has a number of hobbies or personal interests that he or she invests in every so often. When you need just the right gift, it can be helpful to take a moment to do some in-depth research on these hobbies. The more you learn, the easier it will be for you to understand why your partner enjoys this activity and point you in the direction of an appreciated present.


Younger couples are buying fewer and fewer physical items for each other. Instead, it is more common for millennials to invest in experiences. If this sounds more appealing to you, then an experience gift is definitely a great option. Plan a small vacation, get tickets to an exclusive event, or scour the internet for underground activities taking place in your community. Experiences can often be far more enriching than traditional presents and provide an excuse to get out of the house for some fun.

Finding the perfect gift for the person you love takes a bit of time. Consider what type of present will make the biggest impression, and you’ll find the right fit in no time.

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