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Alternative to the traditional wedding tuxedoIf you want to wear something other than the standard black tuxedo at your wedding, know that you have other options. And although you might take your cues from what your future spouse is wearing, you'll have at least some creative latitude. Much of your choices may be guided by the spirit and level of formality to your nuptials, your chosen venue, the time of year, and your wedding theme and colors. However, it doesn't hurt to consider these unique alternatives to the black tux when crafting your wedding-day look.

Modern Option: The Tuxedo-Suit Hybrid

One of the newest styles of menswear on the scene, the tuxedo-suit hybrid combines the best qualities of both. Satin is featured on the coat's lapels, but unlike standard tuxes these versions use cloth buttons. It's a great compromise for many groomsmen, and it's a bit more formal than a standard suit.

Formal Morning Dress for Daytime Weddings

If your event is before 6 p.m. or sundown and you and your future spouse want an air of formal elegance, formal morning dress may be best. A staple in the United Kingdom, this ensemble consists of a morning coat featuring long tails, a waistcoat, trousers, a turndown collar dress shirt and a dress cravat or ascot. The waistcoat is usually in a shade of cream, light gray or black, while the morning coat is either in a hue of black or dark grey. Cufflinks and a pocket square help complete the ensemble, and in some cases a top hat along with a pocket watch and chain are included.

White Dinner Jackets Evoke Retro Sophistication

If you still must wear a tuxedo, you could opt for the white dinner jacket for you and your attendants. Whether you're going for a vintage theme or not, this look is sure to work well in most formal weddings. Most famously worn by Sean Connery's James Bond, the effect is achieved by matching the white jacket with black trousers, a black bow tie and a black cummerbund.

Speaking of Sean Connery

If you're of Scottish heritage, you might have already thought about getting married in a kilt. But you don't have to be a Celt to don this classic garb. If your ancestors don't hail from the Isles, there are a few varieties of tartan patterns that aren't clan-specific, such as Spirit of Scotland, American National or Freedom.

Also, there are some basic guidelines on how to wear one for a dressy occasion. For formal ceremonies, select the Bonnie Price Charles jacket. It's specially made to wear with a kilt and features a cutaway in the front to make room for a sporran, the traditional leather or fur pouch. Pair this with a three-button waistcoat, a solid color tie and a solid color dress shirt. Additionally, you'll need to wear kilt hose that coordinate with your outfit in any color but white and black or Ghillie brogues, a type of formal shoe with no tongue that laces up your leg.

Finally, some key accessories can be incorporated by the kilt wearer. Besides the sporran, you'll need a sgian dubh (a small knife inserted in the top of your sock), a specialized belt, a decorative kilt pin and flashes (a set of fabric strips that hold up your kilt hose).

Get Creative

You and your partner intend for your formal affair to be elegant. However, there's no reason why you can't deviate from the standard black tux for your attire. Options such as the tuxedo-suit hybrid, morning dress, tuxedo with white dinner jacket or a kilt broaden your possibilities. When you coordinate with your beloved and talk about your shared wedding vision, you can choose to say "I do" in an ensemble that truly reflects you.


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