Couple Celebrating With a PicnicThe first year after tying the knot can be a whirlwind. You may be completely shocked when your first anniversary comes along, unable to process how an entire year flew by so fast. If you and your partner live busy lives, then you might feel like you don’t have the time to celebrate. This is an important day to remember, however, and choosing not to celebrate might set the wrong tone for the rest of your years together. Instead, it can be helpful to find simple ways for busy couples to enjoy this milestone. 

Nostalgia Is Useful

Though it has only been a year, nostalgia can still play a big part in how you celebrate this event. Pull out the photos from your wedding and dedicate a few hours to looking through them together. This is a simple way to spend your anniversary together that doesn’t require you to go out or put in much of an effort. Still, enjoying an evening in this manner can be a sentimental and touching experience. If you saved part of your wedding cake in the freezer after the reception, this is the perfect opportunity to finish it off!

Make a Meal Together

Going out to a restaurant is a popular way many couples celebrate special occasions. Unfortunately, busy couples tend to eat out more often than not. With erratic schedules and nonstop business meetings, eating to-go options might be what you and your spouse are familiar with. To make your anniversary unique, consider making a meal together. Cooking dinner together at home can be a very easy experience. Simply select a dish that doesn’t require much effort. Depending on the time of year your anniversary falls, you may want to make a meal that’s in season.

Not only does this activity provide you with something to do, it is also a great way to bond. There is something enjoyable about tackling a project with your partner. As the night goes on, you’ll find yourselves laughing and debating what adjustments to make to the recipe. After all of your hard work, you can sit down and enjoy a meal together that you both took time to create. Should your culinary creation turn out to be inedible, there’s nothing wrong with ordering a pizza. 

Themed Gifts

The theme for the first wedding anniversary is paper. While you don’t need to buy your spouse a gift that fits this theme, many couples find it fun to follow the tradition. Luckily, paper is a really easy material to buy gifts around. Purchase a journal for your partner to write in, or grab a copy of his or her favorite book. You can even get creative with the idea. There are many crafters who make jewelry and other accessories out of paper, so look online and see what options may be the right fit for your significant other.

Celebrate Later

Finally, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with delaying your celebrations a bit. When your anniversary falls on a weekend during which you already have a lot of obligations eating away at your time, squeezing a celebration into the mix might be asking for too much. Sit down with your spouse and find a time that works better for both of you. By delaying the event, you can actually put some thought into it and dedicate as much time as you’d like to the activities. 

Even though you and your significant other live active lifestyles, you should not ignore celebrating your first anniversary. Not all marriages make it through that first year, so there’s good reason to take a moment to enjoy yourselves. Explore various ideas and see what works best for your lives. Whether you cook a meal at home or delay your celebration for a weekend away from your obligations, the important thing is that you’re dedicating time to each other.

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