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A Vegan Chocolate-Nut CakeWhether you’ve chosen a vegan lifestyle to improve your health, lessen your impact on the environment or reduce animal suffering, you’re probably eyeing a vegan cake for your wedding. Chances are, you’re already well-connected with vegan food vendors in your area and you’re familiar with your local options. However, you still might need a little help tracking down a baker to make the perfect dessert for your special day. Following some essential tips should guide you in locating and selecting the right bakery, as well as choosing a great cake for your nuptial celebration.

Tons of Tasty Options

A typical misconception about vegan baked goods is that they lack the pleasant flavors that come with traditional pastries. Endless bakeshops and individual home bakers continually prove this assertion to be untrue. As writer Dobrina Zhekova disclosed in a March 2017 InStyle article, vegan wedding cakes can be made in nearly any flavor. While old standbys like chocolate and vanilla remain as favorites, some crafters of these fine edibles work with less customary tastes such as pistachio, rosewater, orange blossom and lavender. Even treats that usually require food coloring can still be created using natural ingredients. For instance, many bakers employ beet juice instead of red food coloring when making red velvet cake.

Textures in the final product can vary, according to how each baker substitutes animal-based products like butter and eggs. One Green Planet’s guide to vegan baking points out that some egg replacements, like flaxseed materials, lend a chewier texture while silken tofu is a preferred ingredient for denser cakes. Many pastry shops that produce vegan special-occasion desserts will happily discuss their contents with you, especially to ensure that you don’t accidently pick a cake that will aggravate allergic reactions in you or your guests.

Selecting a Baker for Your Nuptials

As more couples seek vegan cakes for their matrimonial festivities, many bakeries are now offering a wide variety of delectable versions. Some vendors, such as Half Baked Co. in Burbank, California, specialize mostly in vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free treats. Others, like Chicago’s own Amy Beck Cake Design, include both vegan and traditional selections on their menus. Martha Stewart Weddings profiled several successful shops selling sweet animal-free delicacies in a recent article. Generally, bakeries offering vegan wedding cakes are most commonly found in larger metropolitan areas. If you live in a smaller town or rural region, you may need to travel a bit to find your decadent wedding-day dessert. 

Once you’ve set your heart on a vegan wedding cake, a few hints should aid you in finding your baker of choice. A bit of research may be involved to track one down, especially if you live in a community that’s more isolated or is not so urban. Vegan organizations in your area or local vegan websites should have recommendations available. Alternatively, paying attention to word of mouth from your social circles may yield some results. Once you have some candidates on your list, it’s helpful to read reviews on popular sites such as Yelp! or TheKnot to see what past clients say about their desserts. Finally, arrange a taste testing session and make sure you understand each bakery’s policies regarding pricing, delivery and how far in advance before your special day to place cake orders.

Follow Your Conscience and Your Taste Buds

The staggering number of bakeries specializing in vegan desserts proves that you needn’t compromise your principles or health while making plans to tie the knot. Finding a cake maker who creates a delicious product and meeting your dietary needs may take some research and work, but the tasty results are well worth it. Whether you depart from traditional flavors and experiment or stick with time-honored favorites, your vegan cake will be sure to both look elegant and delight your guests.


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