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Finding the right vendors is key to throwing a wedding that lives up to your expectations. From the caterers to the photographers, these professionals handle all of the vital details of your big day so that you can focus on enjoying the moment. Naturally, you are going to want to show appreciation to those who help make your wedding a success. There are a number of ways you can go above and beyond for these individuals. Explore this selection of ideas and discover the perfect way to show your vendors appropriate gratitude.  

Provide a Nice Tip

The most obvious way to express gratitude to your wedding vendors is by adding a nice tip to your payment. Though it is not always expected, a tip can definitely show the people who worked on your wedding that you truly appreciated all that was done for you. Be sure to cover all your bases so you don’t forget anyone. If your caterers brought a big staff to the event, for example, take time to ensure you have included a tip for each individual who worked your reception. Experts suggest a tip of about 15 to 25 percent. 

Write a Positive Review

Another great idea to consider is writing a review for the vendors. Many businesses are at the mercy of their online ratings. The higher the score, the more likely it is they will be able to find more clients down the line. Help make this possible by visiting sites like Yelp and Google to add some information about your personal experience. Include as many details as possible in your review, as many prospective clients will be swayed by learning exactly how these vendors went the extra mile on previous jobs. 

Send a Card

After your wedding, you are likely going to spend a lot of time writing thank-you cards to your friends and family members for their attendance and gifts. If you want to find a perfect way to show gratitude to your vendors, include them on your list of people who are receiving thank-you notes. Though it might seem like a small gesture, many business owners are excited to receive positive feedback from clients. As with an online review, include specific details so that the vendors know exactly how they helped you on your big day. 

Tag Them in Your Social Media Posts

Exposure can be a huge benefit to businesses of all sizes. Since you are likely going to share a lot of pictures of your wedding across sites like Facebook and Instagram, you can easily show gratitude to your vendors by tagging their business accounts in your posts. You may even want to consider creating separate posts where you highlight the work of your vendors and write a small caption mentioning how thankful you are for them. If some vendors don’t have active social accounts, mention their full names in the caption so that people can search for the businesses themselves. 

Purchase a Small Present

If it is within your budget, you can also consider buying small gifts for your vendors. As with a thank-you note, giving these professionals presents can be a fantastic way to showcase how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication. An alternative to this is buying gift cards from the vendors. If you know there are upcoming events where you will need to use their services again, buying gift cards in advance can be a perfect way to tell your vendors that you loved their skills enough to use them again. 

Find the Right Way To Say Thanks

Your wedding would not be possible without the work your vendors put into the experience. To make sure you tell these professionals how much you appreciate their help, take time to find the perfect way to express your gratitude. 

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