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Wedding GreeneryOver the last few years, sustainability has become more and more important to the average person. While you may spend a lot of time deliberating over which lightbulbs are most efficient and how to reduce your overall carbon footprint with everyday actions, you might also find it useful to explore eco-friendly options for big life events. Weddings, for example, tend to be incredibly wasteful on a number of fronts. To do your part for the planet, it can be useful to delve into some green solutions that encourage a sustainable event. 

Start With the Engagement

If you’ve yet to officially get engaged, then your sustainability journey should begin with shopping for an appropriate ring. While diamonds and other precious gems have long been considered the epitome of what makes for a perfect ring, the harvesting of these shiny rocks is also responsible for a lot of waste, pollution, and crimes against humanity around the world. According to statistics, excavating a carat of diamond using standard methods creates almost 6000 pounds of mineral waste. On top of this, more than 100 square feet of land is disturbed in the process.

Opting for a diamond or similar stone created and cut in a lab might not be your first pick, but it is more sustainable in the long run. Plus these stones are far less expensive and do nowhere near the same amount of long-term damage to the environment.

Consider an Eco-Friendly Invite

Another huge source of waste connected to wedding planning is the invitations. Reports from recent years state that the average wedding includes roughly 200 guests. Since each invitation to the event is usually a part of a “suite,” it means the envelope contains more than a single card. Most invitations will be stuffed with papers informing guests of details related to getting to and from the venue and other pertinent details. While practical, it also is one of the biggest sources of paper waste. Thankfully, this is an easy problem to work through. 

These days, more and more couples are exploring digital options for their wedding invitations. Not only does sending out invitations on the internet help you massively reduce the amount of paper waste your wedding generates, it also allows you to save a huge chunk of change on stationery and postage. 

Use Your Registry

You might also find it useful to make your registry a part of your green solutions. Instead of asking for gifts and other items that will merely contribute to the world’s landfill problems in a few short years, consider requesting charitable donations. Friends and relatives can give funds to a non-profit environmental group you respect, allowing money connected to your marriage to be used for a cause you care deeply about. You can also place eco-friendly gadgets and appliances on your registry to create a home that is more green and efficient.

Decorate With Your Surroundings

Though pretty and festive, it is important to remember that a vast majority of event decorations are just garbage. Consider wrapping paper, which exists solely to conceal an item and then be thrown away. The decorations at your wedding will be no different, with most being put in the trash before the night is done. Instead of buying a lot of random stuff to hang around the venue, use the natural elements of the space as your decor. The venue manager can help you use the space in a way that lets you limit your need for extra decorations.

Playing around with eco-friendly solutions for your wedding can be a great way to make a difference with your big day. Weigh the various options before you to create a plan for sustainability that makes you feel a sense of accomplishment.

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