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Getting married can be an exciting decision. Of course, it also tends to bring about a lot of stress. Even though statistics highlight that roughly 2 million people tie the knot in the United States every year, there are still a ton of misconceptions surrounding modern weddings. Review these points and gain perspective on how to best plan for your nuptials. 

Forget About Your Wedding Being the Most Important Day

Couples put a lot of pressure on themselves, their families, and their vendors when it comes to planning their weddings. This is predominantly due to the prevailing notion that a wedding is supposed to be the happiest or most important day in a person’s life. While it is definitely one of the more noteworthy events of your life, deeming it the most important is an easy way to set your expectations far too high. 

A great alternative to this mindset is to think about your wedding as the start of the next leg of your journey with your significant other. Observing this event as a transitional moment is an easy way to take some of the pressure off and allow you the flexibility to actually enjoy the experience. 

Ditch Strict Attire Guidelines 

While it is true that your wedding should be all about the wants and needs you and your partner share, you must always take your guests into consideration while planning. A great example of this can be found in the idea of the dress code. When you are strict with guidelines surrounding attire, you are often forcing your guests to jump through hoops in order to be in attendance. Not only is this annoying to many friends and family members, but it can cause you stress should you notice someone shows up wearing something that doesn’t match your instructions. 

Being lax with your dress code can make the event more enjoyable for everyone involved. Simply trust in the fact that the people you invite will have enough sense to wear appropriate outfits to your reception. 

Make Your Guest List Your Own

Other than you and your partner, there is no one else in your life who is required to be at your wedding. This means you should not feel obligated to invite anyone you don’t want to take part in your special day. If you have a tumultuous relationship with your parents and they refuse to give their blessing for your union, then you are allowed to refuse them invitations. Whether you’re worried about inviting a racist uncle or have a few friends who cannot control themselves around alcohol, you don’t need to include anyone you feel uncomfortable inviting to the event.

Naturally, you might need to explain your decision to those you exclude. It is also important to note that opting to not invite certain people might forever sour or break certain bonds. As long as you understand this, you are free to make whatever choices you find best in regard to your guest list.

Keep Things Short

While a wedding does not need to fly by, it also should not move at a snail’s pace. One mistake many couples make is allowing certain elements of the event to drag on for far too long. This is most common with moments like the wedding party’s entrance, the speeches and toasts, and the preliminary dances between the couple and their parents. Wedding experts advise timing all of these moments in advance. If anything feels like it is going on and on, then it is in your best interest to make cuts so you can keep your guests engaged. 

Learn About Common Mistakes

Getting married might be fun, but it is far from a simple or straightforward experience. When you take time to learn about common wedding misconceptions, you can do your part to avoid committing commonplace errors.

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