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Nervous GroomMany assume that being a groom means you don’t have as much stress to deal with when planning for a wedding. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth. While the media might enjoy making brides seem like the stressed, uncontrollable divas of the wedding world, grooms take on just as much frustration. In fact, there are a handful of wedding problems that exclusively impact the groom and can send the events of the day into a tailspin if not corrected as soon as possible.

Explore some of these common groom-related wedding problems and how to find solutions for them. Staying prepared for anything is the best way to ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch.

Appearance Blunders

One of the quickest and easiest ways for a groom’s day to be thrown off is for something to go wrong with his outfit. Unlike a bride, a groom does not have much to focus on in regard to his look. Still, the things that can go awry can easily become problematic. For one, you might notice your beautiful dress shoes are completely scuffed by the time you’re ready to walk down the aisle. Keeping a bit of shoe polish and a brush with you can help you to restore the shine in no time.

Similarly, a particularly windy day can turn your hair into a wild bird’s nest. While brides are likely to have all sorts of hair concerns, many grooms forget that their hair is just as important for the wedding photos. Be sure to keep a comb and some styling products handy while getting ready. This way, you can touch up your hair whenever needed. If you don’t feel comfortable fixing it yourself, ask one of your groomsmen or someone in the party to help you adjust your messy hair when the time comes.

Stains and Shaves

For many men, getting ready isn’t the biggest concern before a wedding. The true challenge comes in the form of trying to keep a tux free of stains. Plenty of people are messy eaters, but a wedding can turn an accidental spill into a memory that lasts a lifetime. To avoid unsightly stains on your outfit, be sure to travel with wipes or a stain pen. These handy tools can be incredibly helpful in a pinch, allowing you the ability to remove stains before the substances begin to soak into your clothing.

Shaving can also be a huge point of concern for men. Hair can grow fast on some people, especially when it comes to facial hair. Even if you shave the morning of your event, you might look in the mirror halfway through the day and realize you’ve got stubble poking through. While it might be annoying, bring a travel razor with you to the venue. This way, you can easily trim your whiskers and get your face looking as fresh as you’d like it to before tying the knot.

Check and Check Again

One of the worst blunders you can make on your wedding day is forgetting an important accessory. Whether it’s your tie or a pair of cufflinks given to you by your grandfather, you need each piece of your outfit to look whole. The best way to remember each piece of your look is by checking and double-checking before leaving for the venue. Make a checklist the night before and go through it several times to feel positive that you haven’t left any key items behind.

While brides might get a lot of flak, grooms have just as many potential wedding problems to worry about. Be sure to stay prepared and you should be able to minimize your stress levels at your upcoming event.


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