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A Bride and Her DogWhen you and your partner make the decision to get married, it is most likely due to the fact you are ready for the commitment. For many couples, marriage is not the big step it used to be. Plenty of people decide to live with their significant others before making more lasting commitments like marriage. While living together, couples tend to bring pets into the fold to add love to their homes and test their overall responsibility with living creatures. In this way, pets become like children to many couples.

If you and your partner are planning a wedding, there is a very good chance you will want to have your furry friend brought into the fold. Adding your pet to your wedding day can be a great idea, but it also can offer some very unique challenges. Before you get ahead of yourself with planning, think about a few of the considerations you must take before you finalize your decision to include your pet on your wedding day.

Big Personalities

As with human beings, pets tend to have very specific personalities. When most people think about dogs, they think about lovable and loyal friends. In truth, each dog has a very specific personality. If you have a pup that does not do well in crowds, then you should really keep this in mind when planning out your wedding. You may want to have your dog involved, but having him be the center of attention can create more problems than you might want to deal with while getting married.

If you really want to have your pet involved with the wedding reception, think about how you can work with the personality of your pet. Assign a person in your wedding party to keep an eye on your pet throughout the course of the night. Be sure not to saddle anyone with this responsibility. A groomsman who is allergic to pet dander is not a good fit, nor is a bridesmaid who gets nervous around dogs who bark. Weigh out the pros and cons of your pet’s personality in a crowd and make your decision based on this.

A Thorough Plan

Incorporating your beloved pet into the wedding festivities can seem like a wonderful idea, but many couples fail to think through the logistics of the situation. If you are far from home, for example, then it stands to reason you will be staying at a local hotel after the reception. You have to keep in mind whether or not the hotel allows pets, as this will have a huge impact on the end results. You should also consider when you plan on being home next.

If you and your partner are planning on hitting the pavement for a road trip honeymoon, then you may want to bring your dog along with you. On the other hand, if you’re hopping a flight to a tropical destination the morning after your wedding, it could be a bad idea to keep your pet with you. Plan ahead and think about who will be watching your pet after the ceremony and how to best deal with transporting your furry friend back to your home.

Think It Through

When it comes to your wedding, you want to do your best job to express the love you share with your partner. If you have a dog or cat back home that you really want to be a part of your special day, then you should be able to include your furry friend in the festivities. Consider all of the logistics that come along with incorporating your pet. Thinking it through will allow you to come up with a great solution that will help to make your day special for everyone in your household.

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